The growing use of smartphones and on-demand app solutions for fulfilling various product and service requirements from the comfort of the home or wherever you are. Make home service providers mark their online presence with handyman app development. The launch of an on-demand handyman app solution, let’s them target a wider range of audience, which they were not being able to target earlier without the application. Also, it has now become a trend due to the fact that it not only avails the customers but also the handymen service providers with ease and several benefits at their particular end.

Therefore, if you are one of the handymen service providers in your city or neighbouring areas, you can plan to make your handymen app and leverage a good business that will ultimately help you grow in your sector.

Here in this blog, we are going to shed light on the 4 best handyman apps and why one should consider handyman app development in this digital era if looking to target a larger audience base with its outstanding handymen services.

Let’s start with

4 most promising handyman service provider apps

1. TaskRabbit

It is an America-based home services provider company that gives customers the privilege of hiring a handyman for various services like house cleaning, moving furniture and assembly, mounting & installation, ordering groceries, etc.

Currently, this on-demand handyman app is providing reliable home services in 47 cities in the US, four cities in the UK and one city in Canada.

To leverage home services from TaskRabbit, the only thing you have to do is list the task and you will get a range of highly qualified handyman for a particular task to choose from, considering their reviews, skills, and price.

2. Urban Company:

Previously known as Urban Clap, Urban Company is an India-based home services provider firm. Currently operating in 18 Indian cities and 4 international cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Singapore and Sydney, the Urban company provides more than 50 home services. Including, beauty and wellness services for men and women, health-at-home, home repairs and maintenance (electrician, ac repair service, plumbing, carpenter and more) along with pest control services.

One of the most preferred home services companies has served over 5 million customers and keeps on counting. Urban Company is playing a vital role in addressing Indian customers’ pain regarding home services to a great extent.

3. Porch:

It is one of the prominent names when it comes to the best handyman services companies. almost all the home services ranging from furniture assembly, moving, security installations, electrical works, and HVAC system installation to application installation and more.

You would be amazed to know that Porch caters to its range of home services to a few popular brands named Walmart, eBay, Bing, etc.

4. Thumbtack:

A California-based on-demand handyman services company that offers a vast range of handyman services, around 1000 different services. Home service seekers can leverage services like cleaners, florists, dog trainers, makeup professionals and more, following a few taps on this privately held home services company’s mobile app. But one thing you should always do before hiring an expert professional for a dedicated home services issue, is to check reviews and ratings from past customers. It will help you make a wise decision with the hiring of a particular professional.

After knowing about the globally recognized on-demand handyman apps, now let’s focus on

Reasons why handyman app development is beneficial in 2023

1. Job Scheduling Ease:

It is one of the major highlights of the on-demand handyman service app. Quickly creating and scheduling jobs for your handyman. Also, handymen themselves can track the list of jobs that need to be done on a particular day, week or month using the app. And can manage everything effectively to seamlessly perform the home projects at hand. Therefore, having a handyman app is vital in this digital era, if you want to grow your handyman business and gain volume.

2. Build Brand Image:

As compared to the standard dependent structure, the handyman app helps create brand awareness for the business. It is because using a handyman app, customers can easily book for expert professionals to do the job whereas business owners can effectively manage the work of job scheduling and even create invoices for the customers all through the app. This is what any service seeker demands from a home service provider, which a handyman app simply fulfils resulting in an improved brand image in the market.

3. No Paperwork:

Digital platforms like Handyman apps allow handyman businesses to keep a record of every handiwork digitally. This not only saves handyman business owners valuable time, costs and money but also helps them keep the environment clean and green by eliminating the use of paper. To keep data of each handiwork digitally, businesses need to use document management software that uses scanners, mobile capture or import facility of the data file to digitize documents.

4. Less Administration Cost:

Handyman apps are a low-cost approach. hey help managers and team managers deal with a simple yet extremely helpful time management functionality. Whereas customers can book home services without wasting much of their time and cost online. With the handyman app, you don’t need more admin workers to manage the services. Whereas you can spend that money on hiring more handymen who will help you increase your services and revenue.

5. Tracking of Entire Business:

Handyman apps leverage business owners with a complete information system that helps easily track and maintain all work-related activities. They can analyse every aspect and take favourable decisions accordingly. Also, they can easily track the handyman faster using live-tracking functionality. This functionality helps business owners, handyman professionals, and customers check complete details related to job work, job history and other aspects.

6. Strong Customer Relationship:

App integration with personalized CRM software allows for maintaining a list of customers in one place. Including essential details like work orders, documents, customer details, quotes and invoices and much more. This helps in managing the business efficiently, having an eye over the workers’ tasks and accordingly taking action. Also, business owners can easily maintain seamless communication with the customers and handymen all through the app. That results in developing trust between your team and customers which translates into improved business performance and customer satisfaction.


The above-mentioned are a few of the reasons, which advocate handyman app development. If you want to get an edge over the competition in this cutting-edge technological world. Therefore, if you own a handyman business and not getting the desired outcomes while running it traditionally. Prefer handyman app development from an experienced on-demand handyman app development company at cost-effective pricing in a limited time frame.