Creating a foolproof study plan is critical in a marathon exam like UPSC. And, more importantly, sticking to it is critical. UPSC is a year-long grind that is exhausting and difficult. It takes a lot to even consider taking this exam, let alone prepare for it. The syllabus is so extensive that time will fly by. It is crucial to be aware of those techniques that can guide you to prepare well for the UPSC exam.

You will initially study hard, but as time passes, you will lose interest. Or you might study a subject and enjoy it so much that you ignore the rest for months. If you study haphazardly, you run the risk of getting lost. Therefore it is crucial to be aware of those essential techniques that can help a student prepare effectively for the UPSC exam. Now many students prefer joining a coaching institute to prepare for the UPSC exam. If you feel the same then find details of top UPSC coaching institutes at student-friendly platforms like Search India

This article will talk about some essential tips to ace the UPSC exam

Start from the basics 

To strengthen your understanding of any topic, no matter what it is, you should first fully comprehend it from the basics and then target it from all angles. To achieve this, start with a simpler book about the subject. Many students preparing for UPSC exams purchase the most sophisticated and complex books on the subject, choosing to believe that they will read and comprehend them better than others. However, because those books are so complex, they frequently fail to grasp the subject. This makes them feel demotivated and upset. Consequently, they cannot study and focus on their preparations for too long. For the UPSC exam, it is advisable to buy NCERT books and study the basics. You should not run after complex subject material initially. 

Eliminate the distractions

Remove all self-generated distractions – during your 45-60 minute sessions, turn off or put your phone on airplane mode and put it somewhere out of sight Reduce anything distracting, such as using noise canceling headphones if it’s noisy. Begin with preparation: download or print the necessary resource material , have your textbook ready, a notebook, a charged laptop, a water bottle, and so on. Set up your day so that you can focus solely on learning. Once you have eliminated all the distractions it will be quite easy for you to focus on your UPSC preparation. 

Focus on your health 

As you are preparing for UPSC it is of utmost importance that you keep your body and mind healthy and fit. So do some lighter exercises at home like push-ups, crunches, and meditation. It will not waste your time but surely will help you increase your concentration on your studies. Eat, sleep, exercise, and drink (water) to condition your body and mind to be motivated, focused, and learning. This is your most important tool so you need to work hard to keep it afloat. You need to work out for at least an hour from your daily routine or you can do some running in the morning or free hand exercise at home itself. 

Have a disciplined lifestyle. Talk to your parents and close friends about what is going on in your mind. UPSC preparation can be nerve-wracking for you .  So it is crucial to vent out what you’re feeling to those who care about you. This will help to lower stress and keep you focused during UPSC preparation. 

Inculcate great study habits

To prepare effectively for the UPSC exam you must inculcate some great study habits into your routine. Dig out useful lectures, tutorials, self-study time, and group study time. Enter the important assignment and exam dates. To allocate time, work backward from the due date. You should plan study sessions lasting for 45-60 minutes with a 5-10 minute break in between. Breaks are quite essential as they help your mind to refresh completely. So you must include them in your study regime. Walk around during your breaks to get your blood flowing. Some students keep recharging themselves with some food or water. That’s also a great way to keep your energy levels consistent during the UPSC preparations. Your typical study schedule should consist of 6 hours of study, which should accommodate lectures and tutorials as well. Dreaming to crack the UPSC exam? Join the finest UPSC coaching institute in Delhi and prepare under the guidance of well-experienced faculty.

Wrapping it up

It is well known that preparing for the UPSC eczema is an extremely daunting and toilsome task. Students might have to encounter several ups and downs in their preparation journey. But applying some essential techniques to prepare for the exam can help them ace this prestigious exam. We hope the article made you aware of some crucial tips to prepare effectively for the UPSC exam.