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  • 5 Letter Words End in Own
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  • 5 Letter Words End in Own
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Words that end with OWN

  • adown: not similar or obsolete, explicitly importance Down or descending in a lower place.
  • blown: inferring a class of dishes made by striking emanation through the dissolved glass.
  • It likewise implies lines(of an electric circuit or wire) consumed as a result of force over-burdening.

Brown: Brown is a shade, and it tends to be considered a mixed variety however it is essentially a hazier color of orange.CMYK variety model utilized in painting or printing, Brown is typically formed by mixing the shades dark and orange.

5 Letter Words End in Own

  • comedian: it is a comic entertainer, normally one found in a bazaar and wearing a famous uniform and lavish make-up.
  • A guiltless nation individual or natural.
  • To act in a hilarious or blissful manner
  • coown: To possess along with another individual or affiliation

Crown: the crown is the formal representative point of view of the head outfit worn by a ruler or by a holiness, for whom the title customarily describes power, lawfulness, achievement, triumph, honor, and acknowledgment, as well as perpetuity, fairness, and recovery.

suffocate: bite the dust through adventure in and submerged.

  • 5 letter words alongside their implications
  • Here are more 5 Letter Words End in Own,
  • grimace: wrinkle one’s eyebrows in a temperament showing protest, objection, or consideration.
  • It is a facial demeanor demonstrating grievance, disappointment, or pursuit, recognized by a wrinkling of foreheads.
  • flown: (of a bug, bat, or bird) movement through the environment utilizing its wings. To be thrown speedily in the air.
  • developed: mature ladies and men. It is additionally thought to be covered or enclosed with vegetation and very much gathered with plants.
  • known: a person or thing that is seen by or normal to all societies or an extraordinary gathering of animal varieties.

5 Letter Words End in Own

shown: to impact or qualifies for be perceived; scene; assortment. to show or lead as friendly recreation or scene: to exhibit a film. To recommend; question out: to display the way.

town: pack or stock (an item) perfectly in a particular spot

unown-A Pokémon genealogy in Game Freak’s and Nintendo Pokemon establishment. It has been made by Ken Sugimori.

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