Big or small, an office is an office, and it needs stationery. An office cannot work without the necessary stationery items/office supplies, and if there are not enough of these items, many projects will come to a standstill. And when it comes to an office where there are creative projects, several artists and projects that need lots of paperwork and sketching, office supplies are a must. So to keep everyone equipped with the necessary items and run an office, you must buy stationery online or at a store before the office starts (financial year).

Sure, employees can bring their (own) supplies, but there are some important and expensive items the office has to buy. And for that, every office administration/finance department keeps a budget. So if you are in charge of purchasing these office supplies for everyone, then you need to be careful not to waste or manipulate the budget to buy what you like. And you need to keep the following points in mind while shopping for these supplies.

Now, what are the things you need to remember while choosing stationery for your office?

  1. Know the Plan for the Year

You need to assess the number of employees that require the stationery and how much will each need. So if the employees are more than 50 in your office, you need to buy in bulk. However, some office supplies can be just a few, such as staplers and scissors. On the other hand, white papers, notice board pins, tapes, pens, etc., will be needed in huge quantities.

  1. Choose the Right Product

It is easy to find an alternate product and a cheaper version of what you need. But remember, if you want the employees to give their best every day, they need the best supplies. So you need to buy stationery online or from a store, where you will get to choose from hundreds of options.

  1. Focus on Quality As Much As You Focus on Quantity

Stapler pins, use and throw pens, paper clips, tapes, etc., are bought in bulk, but if you only focus on quantity and try to save money, the result will be bad. For example, imagine every pen the employee picks up doesn’t work, or the paper clips lose their strength after a few days; there will be chaos in the office.

  1. Budget for Refilling the Supply

Office supplies are not that expensive, and some items don’t even cost a dollar. But, when the supplies run out in the mid-year, you must have some budget set aside to buy the refills. If not, the finance team has to work extra, and the delivery of supplies will be delayed, and office work will be hindered.

  1. Encourage Responsible Usage

Whether you buy stationery online or from a nearby store, the expense is small, but that doesn’t mean the employees can use it carelessly. It is human nature to misuse things if it is not their own or they get them for free. Unfortunately, this is a type of mentality that some of your employees may possess. Hence, you need to ensure that you give out a strong and clear message about the usage of office supplies.

Keep these points in your head when you shop for stationery items for your office. And as the person in charge of the purchase, you need to understand the budget, quality and quantity of the required supplies. So, be confident and purchase the supplies necessary for the office’s functioning.