The development of the automotive industry

A change in the automotive industry is unstoppable: As you probably know, owning a car was considered a symbol of freedom and status just a few years ago. But Generations Y and Z already see things very differently today: Over 40% see a car as a means of transport that is not absolutely necessary. Because in times of a perfectly developed infrastructure, inexpensive bus companies and car and bike sharing, many young people no longer need a car.

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A car is only bought when it is really needed. The most important thing is extraordinary, innovative and digital functions. Environmental protection is also becoming increasingly important. In addition, less and less value is placed on the car brand and the design of the car, but rather on the safety concept of the vehicle. But it is not only the status of the car that is changing, the demands that private and/or business customers place on a car dealership are also constantly increasing.

Have you ever thought about why a customer should still come to a car dealership?

The future of the automotive industry will move more and more in the digital direction. The customer already receives all information about car brands and models as well as their features on the Internet. In the online configurator, buyers can put together their dream car with any equipment option.

Many car sales websites also offer new and used cars at top prices and give great discounts on them. And the customer can do everything – from getting information about the desired car to making the purchase – on Sundays on the couch without having to drive to a car dealership. However, there are still interested parties who prefer to see the car on site before buying it: the customer comes to your car dealership, finds out about a model, drives it and is enthusiastic about the car presented. You are already happy about the sale of the car.

But happy too soon: the customer takes all the information from the car dealership with him and buys the same model at a better price on the Internet. In both situations you lose the potential buyers! Are you also losing more and more customers through the digitization of the automotive industry?

You can change that NOW! You should take these measures:

  • Make prospects aware of your car dealership.
  • Involve the customer from the start.
  • Make buying a car a real experience.
  • Create added value for the customer.
  • Offer your customers something extraordinary on their customer journey without neglecting service.

Now you’re probably asking yourself: How do I do all this? This is where digital media comes into play. It is only through the interaction of digital marketing strategies and stationary trade that a continuous customer journey through all areas is created and the customer feels optimally looked after. And how do you develop such a strategy? Very simple: continue reading the article.

Learn how to…

  • Generate new leads through Facebook ads,
  • Convince interested parties and potential buyers with Google ads,
  • Bind customers and prospects to your dealership through an email campaign,
  • Convince the collected digital leads in your dealership to buy,
  • Digitize your car dealership and create a holistic customer journey,

These measures are already enough to generate a large number of new customers and bind them to your dealership!

And this is how you read the article correctly: If you have not yet dealt with the topic of online marketing and digitization in the car dealership, then read the entire article! If you already have prior knowledge of one or more of the subject areas, simply select the subject area in which you would like to expand your knowledge. Are you short on time? Then jump straight to tip 6!

The important thing is: no matter how much you read of the article, react NOW! The digital development of the automotive industry is progressing faster and faster. And yet car dealerships are still lagging behind: According to a study by the IFA, ONLY 15% of car dealerships use a digital strategy!