The banking system is perhaps one of the most crucial things today. Most people are inclined to use banks or other similar financial institutions to store money or assets safely. As technology advances, these banks have been quite smooth to transition into the online space. Today, online banking and Digital Bank Account have become the norm.

Apart from the likes of online banking, other online options may help you achieve the cashless goal. One such option is known as the Neobanks. Neobanks are online entities with no physical footprint. These banks can operate virtually through online portals.

Every online service is trying to keep up with ever-changing customer expectations in this digital age and time. This is where Nebanks fit the bill perfectly and stays on top of other financial services by meeting the expectation of clients. In the last few years, this strategy has also been fruitful for the Neobanks in terms of growth.

Maintaining A Balance Between Profitability And Sustainability

Even though NEO Bank for Teenagers has grown significantly, they have struggled to find balance in terms of profit. The global stats also states that Neobanks may have swiftly penetrated the market and continues to do so, but they have not met the profit at the same rate. Instead, many Neobabks have gone on to report losses.

So, despite the industry’s growth, the question remains: why are Neobanks lagging in profit earnings? To understand the crisis, one needs to get to the root of the problem. Before you open an account at any Neobank, these problems are needed to be addressed. Neobanks need to plan better and deliver something more valid by dealing with the following problems.

● The reason for the rapid growth of Neobanks is that it is by far the best form of digital banking. These banks can get the attention they deserve and accept every account opening statement in the initial years. This naturally helps them establish a client base, but the question is how valuable these clients are to the bank. This is where the trust factor plays an integral role. As the banks do not have a physical existence, there are times when clients feel uncomfortable giving out money for safekeeping. This will not happen overnight; in the long term, it will be very useful for Neobank.

● If there is one particular thing to pick for the growth of Neobanks, it is the convenience they offer. Going shoulder-to-shoulder with technological advancements, Neobanks have mastered acquiring clients by meeting customer expectations and the digital search intent. However, as these Neobanks are constantly trying to keep up with the changing environment, they may lose sight of the future. In the urge to add new clients, Neobanks may forget to build a loyal customer base. Neobanks need to bring up their loyalty points to see some changes in the long term.

● There are a lot of differences present between traditional banks and neobanks. Even with a customer-centric approach, Neobanks have been unable to get those loyalty points as traditional banks can. This has raised the question of consolidating Neobank services to make it more of a traditional one. However, it would be important to remember that Neobank’s customer-centric approach is its USP. A few inorganic options can help Neobanks out of these situations. They need to invest in partnerships more, and open API systems are another decent option for revealing the value of the Neobank. Neobanks must operate under a culture of innovative ideas and be quick to make effective decisions always to meet customer expectations.

● As the problems are bound to occur unless you take alleged actions against them, Neobanks need to look for new ways; this includes product range diversification. Without imitating the traditional banking culture, Neobanks could take out a few things from the traditional setting and blend them into this structure. As a result, many Neobanks have already started giving out basic facilities such as debit and credit cards, foreign currency transactions, and a few other things. Users have widely appreciated these initial features, and more of such things should be brought over to give customers exactly what they need.

● For now, Neobanks operate under a few banking segments that have to be magnified. They offer services to general retail customers online, SMEs, and others. This has to be expanded, and segments like freelancers, independent, underbanked, or unbanked people, as there is not yet any product range awaiting them. This is where people are to trust and form a relationship with the Neobank as they are constantly evolving to overcome challenges.


The phenomenon of Neobank will not die soon even if the bank does. Neobanks have been exceptionally good at acquiring new clients and climbing quickly to the top of the ladder. But they have not yet been able to retain customers and build loyalty, thus, acquiring small profit. If the bank wishes to sustain itself against all odds, the problems discussed in this article must be taken seriously and acted upon. Also to explore about Muvin smarter banking, visit the website and learn more!