The nachos are ready, the pajamas are on, and the calming night is your oyster. What is your next task? Choosing a movie that can lighten your mood and brighten your smile. Rom-com, horror, thriller, musicals, all these genres have several must-watch films that can bless you with non-stop entertainment. 

All you need is a nice cable deal like one of the the one being offered by Optimum TV packages and enjoy your best-loved movies at affordable prices. Having access to countless channels is one thing but choosing an all-rounder movie is a completely different story. 

We are also movie fanatics like you and so we are aware that selecting a film that has a nice blend of romance, mystery, and humor can be a very time-consuming task. We see you and we hence have made this task simpler for you by enlisting the best, timeless Hollywood movies that will surely increase your excitement levels. 

We sifted through movie rankings and , online reviews and also had a detailed chit-chats with pop culture fans in order to prepare this list for you. So get those popcorns ready, light up that fireplace, grab a cozy blanket and keep reading. 

  1. Life is Beautiful

It is a very arduous task for a film to give you a hint of humor and an inspiring tone inside a story, while simultaneously also featuring feelings of sadness and agony. However, this rare combination is accomplished by this beautiful film, which has made its place in the hearts of countless fans around the world. 

This 90s movie narrates the story of an optimistic Jewish man as well as his young son who fall prey to the Holocaust in the Second World War. The father maintains his positive approach to life and strives hard to assure his son that they are in the middle of a huge game. 

  1. It’s a Wonderful Life

Considered the most admired Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life is a film that continues to win countless hearts year after year. Although it is an ideal Christmas movie, the narrative can move audiences at any time of the year. 

The multi-talented Jimmy Stewart gives a charming performance as a middle-aged man who feels lonely and frustrated when things don’t go his way. He becomes suicidal and wishes to end this misery. 

However, it is at that time that God unites him with Clarence, an angel sent from heaven. She persuades him to reconsider his decision by demonstrating what life would have been like without his presence. It is a timeless tale that is humorous, endearing, and heartfelt. 

  1. One Flew over the Cuckoos Net

This movie stars the uber-talented Jack Nicholson who astonishes the audience with yet another amazing performance. In this film, you will see him as a criminal who pretends to be mentally sick and ends up in a psychiatric hospital. 

This way he succeeds in escaping the prison. In the mental hospital, he becomes extremely popular and leads a queer group of patients while simultaneously challenging the barbarous head nurse. This film is an amazing blend of humor, drama, and mystery, blessing us with a complicated and unforgettable story. 

  1. Inception

Inception is thought to be one of the best psychedelic crime films of all time. This movie revolves around a group of thieves who possess the skill of breaking into the dreams of people and stealing their unique ideas. Leonardo DiCaprio, being the main character of this movie, plays the role of the leader of this team. 

Nolan’s breathtaking visuals support the film’s inventive concept. It produces some incredible action scenes, includes one of the most contentious endings in history, and is much more than simply another heist movie. 

  1. Before Sunrise

While going back to Vienna, Jesse bumps into Celina, a student going back to Paris. Both connect well and indulge in long conversations, discussing every single aspect of their lives. After talking to her, Jesse develops a keen interest in her and persuades Celine to come with him to Vienna. 

Since his trip to the US leaves the following morning and he has no money to book an overnight hotel, they roam the city together, taking in the sights and sounds of Vienna and each other  Their bond strengthens throughout the night, making it challenging to decide to part ways in the morning. 

  1. Forest Gump

This film narrates the story of Forrest Gump played by Tom Hanks who is a Southerner brought up by his single mom. She raises him with love and affection and teaches him important life lessons. In simpler words, she plays the role of a guiding light for her son by imparting knowledge of wisdom to him. 

Tom Hanks completely does justice to his character by portraying all sides of Forest Gump with utmost sincerity and devotion. With his hidden skill to remain focused on his life goals, he ends up becoming an extremely swift runner, initially avoiding bullies in school and then becoming a renowned All-American soccer player. Moreover, Forest receives an honorable medal for saving his company in Vietnam because of his dedication to his most loyal friend Bubba. 

Wrapping up

Watching incredible, timeless movies is the best pastime. Not only does one feel refreshed but one also gets to witness life in old times. We have tried our best to sort your next movie night. So invite your friends over for a sleepover and enjoy watching the movies mentioned in this article.