According to the reports submitted by the center for disease control (CDC), 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year, and 80,000 require medical attention. If someone’s dog bites you due to their lack of consciousness, you will be awarded compensation from the dog owners. How to avail the compensation and what is the course of action that you must consult with an experienced lawyer who has expertise in dealing with personal injury cases. 

How will a dog bite lawyer assist you?

A dog bite lawyer will help you claim compensation from the dog owners. Dog bites can subject you to pain and suffering, and have to bear the cost of medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress. A personal injury attorney who is dealing with dog bite cases, and is experienced, will know all the rules and regulations involved in a dog bite case. They are habituated to negotiating the best offer for the victim, no matter how unique the situation. 

How to file a dog bite case?

There is a “one-bite” rule, which means the owner will be held responsible if the dog has aggressively bitten someone else before you. However, in some situations, the dog owner will still be held responsible despite the dog’s history. For instance, in some states having a dog that is ferocious by nature is prohibited. If the dog bite case is loosely bound with the local law, then the dog bite attorney will help you file a dog bite case against the owner. 

Proving the dog owner was not careful with the dog 

Suppose a dog bites you because the owner did not inform you about the biting tendency of the dog, did not put a sign of “beware of dogs” at the entry gate of the premises, etc. The dog owner will be solely responsible for the incident. However, it is not easy to prove the dog owner’s negligence. To win the claim, you will have to present evidence indicating that the dog owner’s duty was to restrict the dog from biting other people. They have failed in their duty, proving that the injury directly or indirectly caused the negligence.

End Note

Have a word with a personal injury lawyer and get assistance on this matter. They are experienced in the field and will know how to get the best deal out of any situation.