The best part of rings is that they can be paired up in multiple ways and each one looks chic, modern and stylish. In this blog, we will demonstrate the ways to style an anniversary band with a wedding set by grouping them in one finger, distributing them on other fingers, or shifting one to another hand.

It’s a great way to add an emblematic touch to a plain wedding band, and you know you’ll love it always. You were eager to get married, visited a diamond jewelry store and didn’t really care about buying a simple lab diamond wedding band or a fancy one. However, you always have a choice to welcome changes, be it in your life or on your fingers.

Basically, you can use your anniversary ring as a wedding band in the following ways:

  • Wear it with your engagement as well as wedding ring by stacking it in one single finger,
  • Upgrade your wedding band by opting a bigger or a smaller stone depending on your original band,
  • Keep your wedding band as it is and wear your anniversary band on either other finger of the same hand or different one.

All this is fine but you might get sentimental thoughts like wouldn’t replacing your lab diamond wedding band turn out to be bad luck or something? Well, read on to learn more about this and about when you can replace your wedding band with your anniversary band.

How To Replace Your Wedding Band With An Anniversary Band?

When you initially got married, you made a promise and pledge to your partner. You can wait in the wings of that original promise without essentially standing by the ring. But don’t be too abrupt. There are a few things to contemplate before going for any major changes:

  • Get your old ring estimated. You’ll want to know, from a jeweler, exactly what the ring is worth before you begin changing things. And being aware of what your ring cost when you bought it years ago doesn’t mean the worth hasn’t changed.
  • Don’t astonish your partner with any unforeseen changes. Don’t presume you know the nostalgic value of the ring to them – be sure that your plan is straight-forward and defined before doing anything that you can’t un-d0.

Is It Bad Luck To Upgrade Your Wedding Ring?

Diamonds might be eternal but tastes still vary. Or, perchance, you couldn’t bestow the ring of your dreams when you first got hitched. If you’re more financially settled now, why not laud that with your life partner by contributing in a new sign of your altering bond?

Some people might dispute that the wedding ring was a sign of loyalty, but that’s absolutely the point. Any new signal can work just as well. The actual loyalty to your partner is sufficient – if your heart is still in it, you can unfold your purpose in any jewelry that makes you cheerful.

In this modern era, there are less mandates and rules reigning marriage than there have ever been. This is an interesting change, so step on it! A wedding is between you and your partner, and the two of you are the only people that really matter.

Contrarily, if one of you feels greatly about adhering by the original ring, that’s genuine too. Since the notion of the ring is highly emblematic and enveloped in beliefs, it’s really only bad luck for people who believe it to be.

If you persuade yourself that altering the ring will welcome problems, it will, as you’ll begin to see problems everywhere you see.

Ideas For Altering Your Wedding Band

If you aren’t quite congenial letting your old ring entirely go but still want to make some modifications, there are multiple great ideas. You can use components from the old ring as part of the new design, continuing the authentic ring’s analogy.

We have the following ideas for changing your lab diamond wedding band:

  • Add side stones. You can add several gemstones to the original band.
  • Make use of the original stone as a side stone. Have the stone readjust elsewhere in the ring, and put a new, larger stone in the center position.
  • Grab an altogether new band. You can put the old stones in a new band, made with a more contemporary style or pattern.
  • Customize the ring. An elegant but emotional inclusion that bears an extraordinary touch without modifying the original feel of the ring.
  • If you really don’t want to change the old ring, go for an enhancer ring. Choose a brand new anniversary band that complements the old ring.

How to style your anniversary band?

Most people style their anniversary band on their ring finger, either instead of the wedding band or furthermore to it.

If you aim to endure the old wedding band, the ritual is to put the wedding ring, engagement ring, and then anniversary ring on the left-hand ring finger. If the anniversary band restores the wedding ring, then it should go on first, with the engagement ring on top.

On the other hand, some people like keeping their original jewelry alone on their wedding ring finger. While they love their anniversary band, they opt to wear it as a separate piece of jewelry.

If this is what you would prefer, you can wear the ring on any finger you like – even the right hand. It doesn’t necessarily have to go on the wedding ring finger; after all that ring should make you happy.

What Kind Of Ring Is For An Anniversary?

As many people style the anniversary band with the authentic engagement and/or wedding rings, the band counterparts with them. For this sole reason, customarily, customers choose a metal that blends with whatever the original rings are made of. Anniversary bands also happen to highlight diamonds, the stone on most engagement rings.

All-in-all, you can choose either separately or make it a sandwich with your wedding & engagement ring.

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Replacing your wedding band with an anniversary band is nothing wrong at all. People who like upgrading themselves with the walking trend and who are financially settled can anytime opt for a modern and trendy replaced band. Until and unless your commitment and love for your partner is eternal and same, it hardly matters if you replace your wedding band once or multiple times!!