In the post, we will examine the right response for 446 wordles, the significance of the clag word and more about Clags Wordle.

Did you play the 446 wordles of eighth September 2022? Did you find trouble tackling the wordle, which required 5 letter words beginning with CLA? Wordle is acquiring fame worldwide, remembering for the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and India. Individuals appreciate puzzles since they have something new and intriguing to day to day address. Be that as it may, in some cases it is not difficult to figure the response and once in a while difficult to figure. In this way, assuming that you find trouble in addressing the Clags Wordle, you can take help from here.

Chapter by chapter guide

  • What is the right solution for 446 Wordle?
  • What were the traces of 446 Wordle?
  • What is Clags Definition?
  • Is CLAGS a word?
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What is the right solution for 446 Wordle?

The 446 wordles have confounded many individuals, driving them to figure some unacceptable response. The right response for the eighth September 2022 wordle is CLASS yet rather than class, many individuals wound up with CLAGS. However CLAGS is a substantial word, it is excluded from the rundown of wordle, so the speculation of the response has clags is erroneous.

Numerous different words start with CLA. Here is the rundown of those words.

  • Guarantee
  • Applauds
  • Rattle
  • Guarantee


You can involve these words for future reference in the event that you really want 5-letter words that beginning with CLA. To find out about Clags Game wordle, continue to peruse the post till last.

What were the traces of 446 Wordle?

The eighth September 2022 wordle has many clues to figure the response, however certain individuals have gotten those clues wrong. In this way, these clues are made sense of beneath.

The beginning at first in the word is C.

  • The closure letter in the word is S.
  • The word has just a single vowel.
  • There is one letter in the word which utilized two times.
  • The word can be utilized as a thing, descriptor, or action word.
  • In the event that it is utilized as a thing or action word, it implies a gathering or class.
  • In the event that it is utilized as a descriptor, it implies amazingness or class.

What is Clags Definition?

CLAG is a thing signifying “a knot or clump of snow or dirt.”Though the word has significant importance, it isn’t the right response for 446 wordles. On the off chance that you surmise the response, you don’t have to stress; you can take help from our consistently refreshed wordle post.

There are ordinarily when individuals misjudge the wordle clues and in this manner wind up speculating some unacceptable response. Thus, perusing the clues cautiously prior to speculating the response is consistently prudent in light of the fact that you have just six conjectures. To find out about wordle, continue to peruse our post.

Is CLAGS a word?

Indeed, CLAGS is a legitimate word in the English word reference, importance to stick or as mud. The word likely started from Scandinavian.

Be that as it may, the right solution for 446 wordles is CLASS, not CLAGS.


Many individuals wind up speculating some unacceptable solution for 446 wordles. The right response is CLASS, though individuals pick CLAGS as the word. However clag is a word, it isn’t the right solution for the eighth September 2022 wordle. In addition, you can peruse implies cautiously to figure the right response. Benevolently remark what your view on this Clags Wordle. To find out about eighth September answer click here