Hunting is a popular recreational sport in many countries, including Australia. According to a study, the most hunted animals in Australia are deer, red foxes, goats, pigs, feral cats, rabbits, etc. Moreover, hunters play numerous games while hunting, and many specific hunting camps and shooting grounds are dedicated to these activities. 

You can find different hunting supplies in online stores, so if you are planning to prepare a kit for your outdoor ventures and camping sessions, you can study these supplies and purchase the ones that match your requirements. However, you will have to retrieve a license to buy some supplies. Each country and state has different rules for hunting and owning weapons. So, before buying any weapon, you must refer to the laws and accordingly purchase your tools.

Some people use shotguns, airguns, knives, etc. You don’t need to use the hunting knives only for hunting purposes. You can also use these knives for various other purposes like cutting and carving wood, cooking, building small shelters in the wilderness, etc. The following points explain five different types of hunting knives you can easily find online and that can be a valuable add-on to your hunting and all-purpose kit:

Camp Knife

A camp knife is a versatile knife that can come in handy for many tasks like cutting ropes, harvesting vegetables, cooking, building shelters, and repairing things. These knives also come in foldable designs, so you can easily carry them in any bag without fearing them cutting through the fabric. However, you will have to take good care of this knife because it can get corroded easily, so make sure you find a knife built with non-corrosive metal. You should also buy a sharpener because it can get dull after multiple uses. 

Skinning knife

In hunting, the skinning blade is used to remove the skin of an animal for taxidermy and other purposes. These blades have a thin edge and a deep belly area that helps precise and longer cuts. However, if you want to buy a skinning knife, then you should select one that has a sturdy and thick blade so that you can have a good grip while giving long cuts. 

Gutting knife

In hunting situations, the hunter usually requires a tool to remove the unwanted organs to reduce the weight so that it is easier to carry the animal. It can also be used to remove and preserve specific organs that you can use later. These knives have a gut-like build and sharp blades so that a certain part can be removed precisely and efficiently. 

Deboning knife

In terms of build, the deboning knife has a narrow blade that can be used to remove both fish and mammal bones. Many people also term it a fillet knife. You can also use other knives for this purpose, but a deboning knife is designed to remove the bones fast and easily. 

Hunting dagger

In earlier times, hunters used to carve long, sturdy blades to hunt wild boars and wild dogs. It is because some wild animals have thick flesh, so the hunter would have to use a long knife to impale through it and reach a fatal point. Hence, it is essential to have a hunting dagger for it. If you use a short blade knife, it can break or collapse in the process. You can find such knives on any website that sells hunting supplies. 

These points list the features and builds of five types of hunting knives that are great for your hunting kit.