Shoes are quite like an ornament emphasizing your clothing and overall outlook. They can tell much about the person or the occasion they might be attending. There are shoes for every occasion, and Berkins Shoes are the best option to consider when it comes to business casual shoes.

Birkenstock, as a shoe manufacturing brand, has an impeccable reputation. They have a legacy that goes almost two centuries back. They have specialized in leather shoe manufacturing, but other shoe materials are also used. All-in-all, the company offers a great variety of shoes, and you can find a specific style you want to sport.

While staying stylish and always presentable for every occasion is cool, some atmosphere demands this symmetry more than others; such as the corporate space or business space. These are professional sectors, and workers and managers are supposed to maintain a certain look protocol. So, for a professional taste in your outlook, here are eight business casual shoes for men from Birkenstock that you can try.

Oxford Shoes

You might have already used an Oxford shoe in the past, and you might have come to believe that it is, by far, one of the best business casual shoe styles to have been made. These boots have a sleek look with mostly narrowed down the front and comes with laces. Birkenstock’s Gary black polished leather shoe is the perfect example of an oxford shoe. However, if the occasion is not work-related, you can also look for a printed version online.


We are currently residing in the era of loafers which are regarded as one of the Best Casual Shoes For Men. These pretty shoes are a lot like slip-ons with back and heel support. They don’t usually have laces or other lock mechanisms. But some loafers may add these features for show and aesthetics. Oswego and Callan by Birkenstock is a great loafer to start your relationship with a loafer shoe.

Chelsea Boots

If you are a boot lover, Chelsea boots might be on your wardrobe or wishlist. If it is the latter, we have got you covered. Stalon is a great Chelsea leather boot presented by Birkenstock. This boot has been stylised with Nubuck leather to retain the texture of the material instead of the shiny, polished surface. Andermatt is another product made out of wool felt material. This can be great for casual business outings.

Monk Strap Shoes

As you head for a business meeting, you may want to look your best. Monk Strap shoes are the precise companion, whether in a formal or a slightly toned-down casual look. These shoes have one or two belts at the front, and the back is covered like the Oxford shoe. They are quite like them, the difference being the placement of the strap and buckle in place of the laces. Birkenstock’s London is the best bet under this category.

Dress Boots

Dress boots are quite mesmerizing to look at. They combine the features of stylized boots with that of high boots. And, the result is quite revetting. Birkenstock has two varieties under the dress boot category, in the form of Jackson and Bend Mid. These shoes are easily two of the Best Leather Shoes For Men. One is made out of nubuck leather, while the latter is made with natural leather.

Chukka Boots

These Chukka Boots have been around since the 1940s. Their minimalistic looks, with just 2-3 panels for lacing, are apt for office spaces. Traditionally the laces are also thin. Gary by Birkenstock is simply exceptional as a Chikka leather boot. The boot is made of suede leather, giving it a natural look and texture. As minimalistic designs are getting big, Chukka boots have made a phenomenal comeback.


There is rarely a person to find who does not love sneakers. Sneakers are the best companion for the young generation as they have a youthful-sporty spirit, plus the swag. In a way, sneakers have reinvented style. Birkenstock’s wide range of collections has the coolest lot under the brand Ben Low. These leather beasts are quite durable and last quite long. There are also a few colors for you to choose from.


As said before, loafers are quite like a slip-on. However, when looking at Kyto by Birkenstock, it has a whole new vibe. Kyoto and Kyoto soft beds come in various colors, including ochre and dark teal. Apart from Kyoto, Nagoya sports a similar outlook. Boston is another slip-on to look at for professional purposes. It has a covered leather front with no back support, modeled on the design of clog shoes.


Business casual shoes have increasingly grown in demand since the work culture has open-mindedly included different people. This promoted a diverse style statement within the corporate walls. And as a result, we are trying to figure out the Best Shoe Brands For Men for business purposes.