A hookah is a device you use to inhale a vapour mixture of water, crushed tobacco, and additives. The advanced part of the process includes flavouring the vapour, another thing you may have been curious about. So if you are learning about hookahs, you may want to know precisely what these devices are and why you want to get one. Inside the hookah are hoses, a chamber into which the hose is fitted, a tube that leads to your mouth, a tray that holds the tobacco, and a hookah hose to inhale the smoke from. So before looking at all the ways to clean your hookah, here’s a peek at what hookas are:

What Is a Hookah?

A hookah can be thought of as a glorified vaporiser. The difference is that it allows you to inhale the vapour instead of vaping it. It is also different in that a hookah produces a more complex smoke than an aerosol mist.

Another difference is that it is a device that allows for more options. A vaporiser is just a device that you use to vape liquids, but hookahs will enable you to create your vapour mixes. This means that you can mix and match flavours and create different experiences.

The Casing

Its casing is the most susceptible to dirt buildup. This is because it is porous, meaning that dirt can build up over time.


The inside of the hookah is where the nicotine and flavourings are stored, which can get very dirty over time.

The Tobacco Juicing

Tobacco juicing is the part of hookahs that produces the smoke. The juice is made up of tobacco, water, and additives, while the tobacco is ground up, and the other ingredients are added. The fluid is then sent to the chamber where the vapour is produced.

How to Clean It

  • To clean a hookah, you will need to gather a few things. And the first thing that you will need is round cotton swabs. These swabs can be used to clean out the holes in the hose.
  • The next step is to get a bucket or a large bowl. You will need to ensure that it is big enough to hold the device and all the components.
  • Next, you will need to gather some warm water. Ideally, the water should be warm but not hot as the water may crack the casing of the hookah.
  • Once you have your bucket and your warm water, you can start cleaning.
  • Soak the cotton swabs in warm water, and then use the swabs to clean the holes in the hose.
  • Use a paper towel to wipe out any spills or leftover juices.
  • Clean the inside of the chamber with a wet cloth.
  • Clean the tray of the hookah with hot water and a cloth.
  • Dry the hookah thoroughly.

Cleaning Its Pipe

The hookah hose is a water pipe used to smoke tobacco or other substances. It consists of a head that contains the coal and tobacco, a body that holds the water, and a long tube for inhaling the smoke. So the charcoal burns the tobacco in the head, which creates smoke drawn into and through the body of water in the tube. The smoke then passes through an opening at the top of the device and goes into your lungs. 

The hookah pipe can create many health risks if not cleaned properly. For example, if you are smoking it with someone who has recently smoked cigarettes with the device, you will be exposed to high levels of nicotine and tar from their cigarette smoke and any other toxins they may have smoked previously. Therefore, cleaning it becomes extremely important.