Microsoft Teams is an awesome video conferencing and coordinated effort arrangement that has proved to be useful in our pandemic-tormented globe. Tragically, a few Teams highlights need usefulness or don’t give clients the vital options in general. The Call History work, for instance, is very confined. Direct call information is just accessible for 30 days. You can’t see call records more established than 30 days as a client.

In Microsoft Teams, how might I really look at my call history?

Click the Calls button on the passed on side of the program to see your Team’s call history. Then pick History. On the right-hand sheet, your call log ought to be shown.

Assuming you’re a group director, go to the Teams Admin Center and pick Users.

Select the record you need to see, then, at that point, go to Call History.

Recall that the call history work is simply available to Microsoft 365 supporters with a Business Voice or Enterprise Voice membership. You can take a gander at the call history information; you can’t eradicate it.

The most effective method to Export a Team’s Call History

We should take a gander at how to send out call history information now that we’ve figured out how to check it quick. This is when things began to get somewhat interesting.

Contact your chairman if you have any desire to take a gander at call history information from over a month prior. They might create Usage reports or access and product call history information utilizing Office 365 eDiscovery.

Assuming that you’re a director, go to Analytics and Reports in the Teams Admin Center. Then, at that point, go to Usage reports and run the most recent three months’ call reports. You should initially arrange Office 365 eDiscovery prior to utilizing it.

MS Teams

The information from your call history may then be recovered and sent out. This program may likewise be utilized to recover information from discussions and gatherings. More data might be found at:

Set up Microsoft 365 Advanced eDiscovery

Send out reports from a survey set in Advanced eDiscovery

On the other hand, you might go at a portion of the Teams call history scripts on GitHub to check whether they meet your prerequisites.


Microsoft Teams permits you to see call measurements from the past 30 days of course. Contact your IT director assuming you really want call history information more established than 30 days. They might produce Usage reports or commodity call history information utilizing Office 365 eDiscovery. How frequently do you utilize Microsoft Teams to access, survey, and commodity call history information? If it’s not too much trouble, let us know in the remarks area beneath.


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