Microsoft’s true email client is currently Outlook. Regardless of the way that the organization no longer backings Hotmail, a few clients are as yet ready to get to their old records. This is often because of the way that different stages send account recuperation data to their Hotmail addresses. Moving right along, how about we get everything rolling on sorting out some way to get once more into your old Hotmail account.

How Might I Access My Old Hotmail Account?

Recuperate Your Old Hotmail Account

Hotmail accounts have previously been moved to by Microsoft. You should recuperate your record to get admittance to your old letter drop and contacts. To finish the job, you can utilize Microsoft’s Account Recovery Form. The admonition is that you can utilize this technique if two-venture check is empowered. Sadly, you will not have the option to use the recuperation structure assuming you incapacitate the choice.

You’ll require an email account that you approach to utilize this arrangement. Any email address will do the trick; it doesn’t need to be your own email account. Enter the Hotmail address you need to reestablish at Then give your email address so Microsoft might reach you.


To complete the technique, affirm your contact email address, check the security code, and adhere to the on-screen guidelines. In no less than 24 hours, Microsoft ought to answer.

Remember that in the event that you don’t sign in to your email account something like one time each year, Microsoft will drop your record. All messages shipped off the predetermined record ought to be returned as undeliverable.

On the off chance that you know the secret phrase, you may constantly reactivate the record, and new messages ought to show up in your letter box without issue.

Microsoft, then again, will deactivate your Hotmail account following 5 years of latency. On the off chance that you receive a message saying your record doesn’t exist, it infers you haven’t signed in more than 5 years and your record has been annihilated. All in all, you will not have the option to get it back.

Make a New Account Using the Old Hotmail Address

Others referenced that using the old Hotmail address to make another Outlook record would work.

Go to in another Incognito mode tab in your program. Follow the on-screen bearings to make a free record.

Connect the Old Hotmail Account to Your New Email Client

Check in the event that you can get to your inbox by connecting your past Hotmail record to your new email client. To take care of business, use a non-Microsoft email client. A few clients asserted they had the option to interface their old Hotmail records to Outlook. This technique, nonetheless, may not be appropriate for all clients.

To utilize this technique, here are the actions to take. Select Other email accounts from the Sync email drop-down menu in Outlook Settings. Connect your records by entering your Hotmail address and secret word.

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Assuming you use Gmail, for instance, go to Settings, Accounts, Import, and Check mail from different records.

Check the outcomes after you’ve added your Hotmail account.



The new Hotmail is Outlook. The Outlook web application is the sole method for getting to your old Hotmail account.

Assuming you’re experiencing difficulty signing into your Hotmail account, take a stab at utilizing Microsoft’s record recuperation structure.

Connect your past Hotmail record to your new email client assuming the issue continues. Did these ideas help you in settling the issue? Kindly leave your considerations in the remarks area beneath.