Are you a working woman? And are you searching for the best women’s hi-vis workwear, but you’re unable to determine whether what you already possess qualifies as the “best”? So if you said “yes,” there are a few things to consider that may assist you in determining what kind of hi-visibility gear you require.

Hi-vis clothing is a distinct category of protective clothing intended to increase one’s visibility in low light. It is constructed with patterns and brilliant fluorescent colours intended to reflect light. As a result, it is simpler for other drivers to see someone wearing it.

Workers may also wear hi-vis headwear in settings where their bodies may be hidden by objects like construction obstacles, materials, and trees, as the vivid yellow-green, orange-red, and red hues of hi-visibility clothing are instantly recognisable.

Considerations to Make When Choosing Hi-Vis Equipment

It would help to consider a few significant factors while selecting the appropriate high-visibility clothing for employees, such as:


If your personnel will be hidden by items in the area, use apparel with more coverage. Meanwhile, women’s hi-vis garments that provide more coverage, like jackets, are more visible than smaller ones like vests. Clothing with body-wide bright stripes also offers outstanding visibility from all angles.


Hi-visibility clothing must fit each individual properly, much as other PPE. Even with the different garments below, it should be comfortable to wear without being too big. Moreover, it shouldn’t be so tight that it impairs movement or is uncomfortable. Also, ensure additional clothing or equipment layers do not obscure the high-visibility material.

Brightness and Colour

The environment your employees will be operating in should influence the colour of their safety gear. So, for daylight work, bright and fluorescent materials are ideal. Meanwhile, even vivid colours are difficult to notice in low light; therefore, fluorescence is essential, and reflective materials can also be helpful. Meanwhile, because fluorescent materials lose effectiveness at night, employees must wear retro-reflective equipment.

How to Choose Hi-Vis Clothing at Work?

It’s crucial to consider the weather while selecting hi-vis clothes for work when working outdoors. For instance:

  • If it looks like it will rain, go for a high-visibility jacket with a waterproof outer layer.
  • If you know there may be wind, invest in a sturdy, high-visibility jacket that can endure powerful gusts.
  • Choose a hi-vis jacket with an insulated lining if you’re likely to encounter snow or ice.

Tips for Safety with Hi-Vis Clothing

It’s crucial to follow this safety advice when wearing high-visibility apparel at work:

  • Wear the proper size at all times; your job may also be hampered if your high-visibility apparel is either big or too tiny to make you visible to other road users.
  • Ensure the condition of your hi-vis attire; your hi-vis gear won’t be as effective if it has rips or holes.
  • Avoid wearing baggy apparel underneath your high-visibility attire. Loose clothing can interfere with machinery and result in mishaps. And if they catch the wind and move while you’re working outside, they may reduce your visibility to other road users.
  • Avoid wearing loose jewellery, and it is best to avoid wearing accessories when wearing a high visibility vest or jacket with bright stripes on the arms and rear of the garment. Loose jewellery can become entangled in equipment and cause accidents.

So, when working outside, dress appropriately for the weather and your activity type. Wearing Hi-Vis pants while you’re meant to be wearing Hi-Vis jackets would only defeat the purpose and render them ineffective. Finally, remember the safety advice to guarantee optimal security and visibility.