Most of the duplicate photos on our PCs are accumulated from our smartphones or other storage devices that we connect to backup data on our PC. If we delete duplicate photos before we take a backup on our PC, our system will not have those many duplicate photos. There are various steps to find duplicate photos on Android or on other storage devices before we take a backup.

Photos clicked in burst mode or capturing multiple selfies from the same angle create a lot of duplicates. You should clear them up before taking a backup on your PC. The manual process to clear duplicate photos can be a little tiring however we can always use the best duplicate photo finder for Android or PC before taking a backup. Here is how to find duplicate photos!

Clear Duplicate from Android

Let us try the automated methods to find and remove duplicate photos on an Android phone.

Use Files by Google

Google Files utility is a great tool to quickly list and remove all the found duplicates from your Android.

Step 1. Access Google Files utility from Google folder. If it’s not there, download the Files utility from the Google Play Store.

Step 2. Tap on the duplicate photos tile on the select files button.

Step 3. You will see categories of different files. Tap on the Select Files link in the Delete Duplicates category. It will display all the original and duplicate photos on your smartphone.

Step 4. Tap to select duplicate photos other than the one listed with the Original tag. You can also tap on the All Duplicates check box to select all of them in one go.

Step 5. Tap on the Move (count of) Files to the Bin button once selected. All the selected duplicate photos will be temporarily moved to the Trash folder.

Delete Duplicate Photos on Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is a great utility to explore all the albums and photos right on your screen. You can explore your smartphone on your PC to check for duplicates. It’s an easy approach to shuffle through your photos, find duplicate photos, and remove them from your phone or PC.

Step 1. Connect your smartphone using a USB cable to the PC and press (Win + E) for explorer.

Step 2. Explore your phone or the photo albums you wish to check for duplicate photos. You can find images in your phone in the DCIM folder.

Step 3. You can switch to thumbnail view by selecting the Large Images layout from the View menu. It will be easy to check all the photos easily.

Step 4. Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the duplicate images to make multiple selections. Once selected, press the Delete key to send them to the Recycle Bin. You can review deleted photos in the Recycle Bin to double-check and finally delete them from your PC.

Please Note: If you are using Windows Explorer to check your folders for duplicate photos, you will need to get into different photo albums to look for duplicate photos.”

Use Microsoft Photos App

The default Microsoft Photos app can help you to preview multiple images and delete duplicate photos from your PC. You can scroll through all the images in the album and simply delete the ones you don’t need.

Step 1. Get into the Windows Explorer (Win+E) console and double-click on the album’s first image to explore it in the Photos App.

Step 2. Use the Right arrow key to go next or the Left arrow key for the previous image.

Step 3. As you come across any duplicate photo, press the Delete key to send the picture to the Recycle Bin. Do this with all the images in the album and eliminate duplicate photos. Once done, get into the Recycle Bin folder and check the deleted photos once again. Empty Recycle Bin if all the photos are unwanted.

Duplicate Photo Finder

The best duplicate photo finder can automate the process to find duplicate photos and delete them from all the internal and external storage devices.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro has been ranked in the top 5 duplicate photo finders for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. It can quickly scan any selected storage device and segregate all the found duplicate photos.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is compatible with multiple image file formats and can scan RAW images as well. It has different matching levels to find exact, similar, or edited duplicate images. The robust mechanism can filter duplicate images from different storage devices including Google Drive.

Final Words

It’s not easy to find duplicate photos without the help of a duplicate finder. The manual process will not be robust enough for 100% cleanup with accuracy. We have used the best manual methods to delete duplicate images without using a duplicate image finder. If there are a lot of duplicate photos, you can use the best duplicate picture finder listed in the solutions.