The nail art for the hot summer is, of course, the fresh icy series, today, we are introducing gradient nail art with glitter and icy nail polish.

Today we are going to introduce a gradient nail art with galglitter glitter. The nail polish of ice transparent color comes with a sense of gloss, watery texture can also be visually cool, radiant flashing rainbow color glitter advanced texture, like broken diamonds, like stars. The laser gradient nail is basically not picky; all kinds of skin tones can easily hold; the tutorial is detailed and simple at home and can be easily arranged.

The first step is to clean your hands well and use a delicate sponge to polish the nail surface to facilitate the process of applying a more solid adhesion later.

The second step is to brush a thin layer of primer and bake it with a nail art light. The base gel can enhance the adhesion of the nail polish so that the nail polish is not easy to peel off from the nail, more durable and bright, but also plays the role of isolation and protecting the nail.

The third step is to apply a thin layer of nail polish evenly, bake it dry and then apply it again. The number of times the nail polish is applied can be determined by personal preference. The last application of nail polish does not need to be baked too dry to facilitate the next glitter application.

Step 4: Dip a sponge stick into the glitter and press it on the fingertips in a pointing manner, then gently stain the transition downwards.

Step 5, finally, apply a layer of tempered sealer and then dry with a light therapy lamp.

Glitter color variation has strong plasticity and more of a sense of fickle mystery. In the sun is a dazzling rainbow light, in the room and some metallic can be cool and sweet.

So versatile glitter gradient nails, whether long nails or short nails of the fairy, can be directly ducked. Want to see more? Remember to pay attention to galglitter. Later have a detailed video show. Oh!

At the same time, this is also a popular way of nail art in Europe and the United States; relatively speaking, less glue should be less harmful to the nail. The operation process is to apply a layer of primer sticky powder, no baking lamp, continue to apply primer sticky powder (you can repeat 2-3 sides), and then apply the drying agent. After drying, you can use the file to find the flat, and then apply the sealing layer baking lamp for 60 seconds.