One should be careful while picking out living room furniture for their home, as your living room can serve as a makeshift eating space if you don’t have a dedicated dining room. With a three-seater couch, armchair, and coffee table in the center of an open floor plan, a separate seating area can be created for watching television and unwinding, while a dining table and chairs are set up on the opposite side of the room for eating together as a family. 

If you haven’t prepared your living room for visitors, your Christmas dinner party may quickly shift from being a lot of fun to being a source of embarrassment the moment it moves there. Even if you have an hour to spend cleaning, concentrating on a few key areas can quickly transform your space into a holiday-ready state. The following are some suggestions for making your visitors feel at ease and avoiding undue concern over the quality of your social gathering area.

How to Make the Most of your Living Room Furniture for Entertaining

First, set the tone with lighting.

Bad lighting, whether too dim or too bright, may ruin any social event. Although you want your visitors to relax, they must be able to see clearly. Use a combination of light sources and bring in lights of varying heights. Check any burned-out light bulbs and replace them if necessary.

Instead of bringing in lamps, you may turn off the main lights and use candles. It’ll be more inviting to the eye and the touch.

Pick up your trash and clean up the mess.

Your first concern should be ensuring the living room is clean, inviting, and comfortable for guests. If you’ve got the time, tidy up the place thoroughly. Don’t wait until the last minute; your visitors will come while you’re still washing the floor. Make sure to sweep, vacuum, dust, and polish. Don’t forget to look beneath the couch and in the corners. The last thing you want is for a visitor to discover that last year’s popsicle has been hiding in the freezer all this time.

Just because it’s the last minute doesn’t mean you have to skimp on cleaning. You won’t have any problems if you can keep it hidden from view. Get a large bag, place all of the trash inside of it, and put the bag in the basement or another location that won’t be utilized until after the event. All should be well if you fluff the pillows.

Three, the chairs.

Place your furnishings in a layout that encourages people to initiate conversations with one another. You want your gathering to be relaxed and comfortable, with easy conversation. 

Create separate spaces for individuals to talk to one another, but make it easy for them to rejoin the main group if they want.

Don’t stress over perfect uniformity! Don’t be afraid to scrounge up extra tables, ottomans, and chairs from elsewhere in the home if you need them. When hosting a party, throw pillows are essential. A few strategically placed pillows may make a couch that’s too deep just right or provides some much-needed sitting on the floor in a pinch.

Put security first.

Don’t leave cups of hot liquid where kids can get to them or where they can spill. Keep a first aid kit close, and check the smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries regularly.

Talk to the parents of any small children visiting your house to find out what you can do to make them feel comfortable. In certain cases, safety plugs should be used to prevent unauthorized use of electrical outlets. Put dangerous substances, lit candles, and fragile items out of reach. Gate off the top and bottom of any stairwells that don’t already have them.

Five, make sure the room is cozy.

Space may be completely transformed just by adding fresh flowers. Make them even more unique by arranging a bouquet inside a one-of-a-kind container, such as an old pitcher or vase you may already own.

Suppose it’s a cocktail party; set up a mini-bar. It relaxes the atmosphere and lets people customize their beverages. Snacks before dinner are a great idea, but remember that your guests may have dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Prepare the fireplace to be used all night if you have one. Read this article for tips on preparing your fireplace for the winter months.

Some tips to make your room spacious for entertaining

Scale and proportion

You may use the golden ratio, a basic mathematical concept, to help determine the ideal dimensions for your living room furnishings. This ratio defines the central connection between two proportions. It serves as a guide for determining what furniture you need and how to arrange them in a manner that looks good to the eye.

Seating areas designed using the golden ratio maintain a 2:3 ratio of carpeting to furniture size. The sofa should take up two-thirds of the rug’s length, and the same goes for the coffee table next to the couch. This ensures that everything is in exact proportion to one another and produces a feeling of harmony and balance.

When choosing a couch for your living room, remember that it will likely be the biggest piece of furniture there and that if it’s too big or too little, it will throw off the whole aesthetic of the area. Check out our comprehensive guide on measuring your couch to ensure you get it correctly. There’s a lot to think about when measuring for this, including logistics like whether it will get through your doorway. You may wish to consider a custom sofa if you have trouble locating an appropriate ready-made option.

Make the most of your confines.

You’ve undoubtedly seen a living room before where the furnishings were pushed to the walls, creating a large open area in the center. Smaller living spaces may benefit from this arrangement since there isn’t enough room for a floating sofa, but larger rooms may seem too empty and unbalanced if the furniture is all pushed against the walls. Avoid pushing pieces of furniture toward the walls; instead, fill the space in the middle of the room with a coffee table or ottoman. Further on in this manual, you’ll discover some suggestions for making use of a spacious living room.


Most people want to have as little furniture in their living rooms as possible. Your dining set, chairs, and couch should all remain in their usual spots, but you may want to relocate stuff like game consoles and televisions to allow more space for guests to move about and mingle.

You should select the living room furniture suitable for the party and good for both conversation starters and multipurpose, and go for them. Instead of occupying important floor space with a full-sized bar, arrange a pitcher of beverages on a side table.

Rearranging your furniture might let the discussion flow more easily across the room. Positioning furniture against walls can open up floor space, provide a feeling of coherence and togetherness, and assist with the flow of foot traffic, even though having a separate living room area is wonderful for day-to-day life. The arrangement of modular couches is easily changed to facilitate free conversation.