There are many music web-based features accessible at this moment. Just a small bunch of them, however, stand apart from the pack. Accordingly, if we somehow happened to pick the best music web-based feature, we’d pick Spotify. Spotify is right now the best and most famous web-based feature for both work area and portable stages. Spotify is accessible in both free and paid releases.

The free rendition incorporates ads, though Spotify Premium is sans advertisement and approaches a large number of music. We’ll examine around probably Spotify’s best component, the Sleep Timer, in this article.

What is a rest clock in Spotify?

Rest Timer, then again, is a capacity that lets you to set a clock for the tunes.

Whenever the commencement runs out, the music is naturally switched off. This is one of Spotify’s most helpful elements, and you could wish to utilize it prior to heading to sleep.

Whenever you set a rest clock, your music will quit playing when you nod off. The Sleep clock choice is just open in Spotify for iOS and Android, so clients ought to remember that.

How to Set up a Sleep Timer in Spotify?

It’s truly easy to set up a Sleep Timer on Spotify. To start, essentially follow a portion of the means illustrated beneath.

Note: To exhibit the element, we used an Android gadget. The method is no different for both Android and iOS cell phones.

Stage 1: Launch the Spotify application on your Android or iOS cell phone.

Stage 2: Next, explore to the Now Playing screen.


Stage 3: Tap the three spots in the upper right corner, as found in the screen capture.


Stage 4: Select Sleep Timer from the rundown of choices.


Stage 5. On the accompanying spring up, you should determine when Spotify ought to stop playing music. You’ll track down an assortment of potential outcomes there too.


Stage 6: Choose the one that best addresses your issues.

Stage 7. At the lower part of the page, you’ll see an affirmation demonstrating Your Sleep Timer is Set.

That closes our conversation. You’ve followed through with your job. This is the means by which you can utilize Spotify to make a rest clock.

Thus, this instructional exercise will tell you the best way to utilize Spotify to set a rest clock. I really want to believe that you viewed this as material valuable! If it’s not too much trouble, give it to your companions too. Assuming you have any inquiries, kindly leave them in the remarks segment beneath.