Now that you have convinced yourself of that new pair of headphones and spent hundreds of dollars on them, you must be thinking, what’s next? You might have heard that wireless headphones involve issues related to durability tradeoffs, but you can still manage those issues.

Here we have prepared a small guide for you that will help you in increasing the durability of your wireless headphones;

Follow the battery hygiene.

The most significant step in maintaining your wireless headphones’ well-being is to keep everything required to function. Particularly the element of ‘power’ to the headphones. Remember, your headphones battery is much smaller than your phone’s battery, which is why you’ll notice that your headphones battery drains way too fast than your phone’s battery.

This is the crucial reason why wireless headphones are bound to have short lives, and they aren’t built to function longer than a year. Check these quick steps to make the battery life a good one;

  • Partially charge your headphones, and ensure the battery level is 80% or below. Avoid charging it overnight
  • Make sure your headphones battery doesn’t get too hot
  • Avoid using your headphones while charging
  • Turn off your headphones when not being used

If you follow these tips, your headphone’s battery will be functional for a long time. Moreover, in case the battery has swelled, it means it’s not operational anymore and is close to the point where it may catch fire.

Keep your headphones secured in a case.

This may sound repetitive, but you use the case to secure your wireless headphones. It offers excellent protection from yourself, the outside world, and your bag. Headphone cases are convenient for accessories like headphones themselves and adapters. These cases keep electronics safe from destroying moisture that can harm your gadgets and accessories.

Most of us tend to leave the case at home as we find it annoying due to the space it takes up in our bag, but it’s a necessity for every wireless product. Even if your case is just a simple fabric, it will prevent your stuff from cracks, scratches, and bends as no direct effort would be on the headphones.

Each time you keep your headphones without their case, you play a role in adding on minor damage, so it’s better to make a little effort and keep them protected in a case.

Make sure your headphones are cleaned once a month

Cleanliness is super important in all aspects of life, even if it’s your gadgets or accessories. Although we know cleaning electronics is a painful task and is something we keep on avoiding. However, don’t clean your headphones for too long; see how gross they look and how bad their performance becomes, especially if they are in-ear headphones.

To make things simple, either you own over-ears or in-ear headphones, it’s better to clean them with small cotton swabs. These are easy to carry and don’t take up a lot of space. However, make sure you don’t jam these swabs in your ears but try using them with some warm water and soap or alcohol and clean them properly so that all gaps are clean in the audio products you are using.

Guard the charge port

The weakest point in any new wireless headphones is their charging port. Be it a lightning port, a USB-C, or a micro USB, the small solder connections are going to be the first things to get broken even if you take good care of your headphones.

This is because normal wear and tear cause the charging port to break and results in your headphones not being charged. This is because the thing that keeps the port attached to its internal guts consists of minor solder points, holding a series of small metal prongs attached to a tiny circuit board.

Even a slight pressure exerted on these minor solder points will damage them significantly. So the charging needs protection from such pressure.

Even after following all these tips, your headphones may fail eventually. You may experience your headphones breaking due to some coincidence; it often happens as it is one risky component. This is why we stress the common points of failure of each product. If you are able to address the common issues, the chances of your headphones lasting for a long time increase, even if there is no guarantee.

Remember, the wireless headphones that require a battery to function will be a task to maintain, and they’ll go out fast compared to other electronics with similar functions. So make sure you follow these tips mentioned above to at least avoid the typical steps leading to wireless headphones’ failure.