Are you interested in knowing the truth about is it a fraud or genuine? There’s a brand new store for sneakers in the town. But do you really need to go there? Check out our article to find out more.

Are you looking to broaden your collection of shoes? Do you love sneaker? This article could be perfect for you. It is an online store with its headquarters in the United States. This is the complete facts regarding Is Scam?



  • Portal Establishment – Its registration information aren’t listed anywhere.
  • Trustindex of the Portal’s trust factor is not accessible.
  • Alexa RankingIt has a very low global rank (1057419).
  • Social Media – The Facebook page isn’t accessible.
  • Address of the company – Not mentioned anywhere.
  • Contact Number – Not given.
  • Refunding Details – Not found.
  • Return Information – Not available.
  • Privacy Policy The policy is available on the website, however it appears to be fake.
  • Owner’s Information – Not given.
  • Are reviews available? No.


Askmall is an online shoe retailer. Their website is primarily selling Nike products. They gather all the data of customers to complete orders and send emails. They also give the best online experience, and make use of it to send emails. They can provide customers with discounts and special deals for their services.


  • To confirm the legitimacy of this shop, go through its information.
  • Portal Type It’s an online retailer that sells shoes for both men and women.
  • Item Type – Nike Air Force, Nike Air Max, Vintage Sneaker Collection, etc.
  • Portal Registration Date -Cannot Be Found.
  • Date of Expiry for Portal – Cannot be Located.
  • URL of Website -
  • Email Address [email protected]
  • Contact Number: Not listed the website.
  • Address of the company – Not listed anywhere.
  • Shipping information – not made available on their website.
  • Delivery Timeline is not listed on the site.
  • Customer support will be provided via contact details will be listed.
  • CONS

There was no feedback from the customers.

They do not offer any information about their business or their policies.


Askmall offers an on-line retailer of footwear. But, there aren’t any reviews. The comments are not available online, and not in any way from several sources. There is more information regarding PayPal frauds.


Askmall sells sneakers on the internet. We’ve not been able to locate any information about the company. The level of trust is not readily available. We advise you to not purchase anything from this site until we can provide more details. Click here to find out details about Credit Card Scams

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