This article provides details on the facts surrounding Is a scam or Legit and also provides other details about the site.

Are you considering buying kitchen appliances that will save you the energy you use and your time? There’s a website named that offers various kitchen appliances. Before you even begin making purchases, check out the feedback from United States users and see the if Elovethiscity the website Scam or Legit.

Table of Contents

  • Does have any suspicious flags?
  • About the site
  • Test of legitimacy
  • Pros supporting Elovethiscity com Reviews
  • Cons
  • Some detail reviews
  • Final Thoughts

Does have any warnings?

  • The site was discovered in the last few days, and the registration date of the domain’s registration is one month and twelve days old.
  • The score of trust indicates that the website should not be relied upon as the scores are at 2 percentage.
  • Most of the content available on the website is original however 16 percent of the content are copied from other websites.
  • Alexa rank on is 8832016 across the globe however the United States rank is not listed anywhere. Reviews: There are no customer reviews at the site’s official page. This gives confidence to users of the site.

  • Social media links – No social media hyperlink is listed on the site.
  • Telephone number: +1 515-387-3859
  • The email ID mentioned on the website for any customer-related problem is [email protected].
  • Return policy- Customers are able to return the item within 30 days.
  • Refund option: The amount will be returned according to the original method after the company has inspected the product.

About the site has great prices on kitchen appliances as well as other items, and offers free shipping throughout the world. But, there’s a question that the customer has in their mind pertaining to the question of whether is a scam or Legit and it’s now time to get it out of the way.

There are a variety of items on the site in various categories that are related to kitchen appliances, lawnmowers garden and patio and many more. Test of legitimacy

  • Type- is a website based on products that deals with electronic items.
  • Kitchen dining electronic appliances, grill , cooking outdoors, and so on.
  • Website launched on 13 August 2022.
  • Domains on websites expired on 13/08/2023
  • Registered URL-
  • Shipping service- takes about 5-7 days for delivery using the USPS the shipping company.

Pros supporting Elovethiscity com Reviews

All of the items are accessible at a competitive and reduced price. There are a wide variety of.


There is no mention of customer reviews there is no proof of the presence of the customer on the site.

Some detail reviews

According to the reputable review sites, doesn’t prove to be a legitimate website since the results do not go favorable to the site. Check out this review for Credit Card Scams and refund information.

Final Thoughts

The website is not available for purchase as a number of suspicious signs are visible that place in a shady corner. It is advised to conduct a thorough investigation thoroughly before making a purchase. Find out more information about PayPal Scams.

Is Elovethiscity Com Scam or Legit provides any insights? Let us know in the comments below.