The nature of 21stt century business means people from different cultures are communicating more than ever. Global commerce brings governments, corporations, and educational institutions together from all parts of the world. These kinds of entities must communicate with each other every day, often in different languages. While many of these institutions have in-house teams of translators and interpreters on staff, some need the help of an outside consultant. This is where a Language Services Provider (LSP) can come in handy. An LSP can be brought in to consult when the in-house teams are either too busy, or there is not someone fluent in a specific language on staff.

An outsourced document translation service is particularly useful for entrepreneurs and smaller companies who might be trying to expand into another country. While the government or a multinational conglomerate might have in-house LSP staff, a smaller entity won’t. Finding an experienced company to help you with language services might be the difference between your expansion succeeding or failing. 

Here are three key reasons to partner with a professional translation service:

  1. Precise translation of your marketing material. If you are trying to take a good or service to a new country, you must translate all your existing marketing material into the language of the new country. You should not try to do that yourself by simply using a translation app. A document translation service will be able to look over your entire body of marketing material and translate it thoroughly and without any embarrassing mistakes. Selling a good or service in a new language can be daunting in the best of times. Don’t set yourself back by offering information to prospective new clients that is full of typos and inaccuracies.
  1. Translation of your website and social media. Making sure your website and social media presences are translated properly to the people you are trying to reach is imperative in ecommerce. The best translation services will do so much more than just translate written material. Make sure you have a certified language professional look over all your online content before it goes live. It could be the death of your expansion plans if you have something translated incorrectly in the digital space.
  1. Expert localization. Localization is translation but even more dialed in. It is the practice of making sure the finer points of language and dialect in your project conform to your target market. Having language services companies localize your project means that elements like design, colors, images, and currency will be translated so that your target market understands where you are coming from. An LSP can go over your project with a fine-tooth comb, making sure every element is accounted for. The best companies hire native speakers who often will be living in the country you want to get your business into. They will have a better understanding of the local culture and will make certain all your material is appropriate for the area. You cannot pay too much to have this kind of ally in your expansion project.