The article today is about Klee Fisher’s Blasting Site. Find out how to locate the location for adventure and locate your treasure box.

Are you having difficulty to locate Klee Fish? Users Worldwide may have difficulty getting it, particularly in the event that they don’t have enough details. Below, we’ll explain the location of the cart, and Klee fish blasting location.

The goal of the players is to find treasures hidden in Mondstadt. Participants can complete various tasks during their Brews and Ballads activity. Participants will receive Fecund Blessings when they find the chests.



The Old Battered Cart of Klee is located within the Starfell Lake area. The cart, however, was damaged and lies on the ground in the vicinity of a few trees.

Fecund Hamper Fecund Hamper is an unidentified barrel or chest that seems to be hidden in the rocks and wagon.


Klee According to the reports, is more inclined to fish with explosive force on Starfell Lake. The wagon isn’t in the lake’s vicinity. It is not morally unjust. Instead, take the road toward the south towards Mondstadt. Keep looking left until you can see the massive cart that is damaged, in a secluded area among stones. It is nevertheless certain it’s there.

The seventh section of the contest, the Feast In Full Swing section is a requirement for Klee to locate the wagon that is damaged close to the location where he fishblasts at Genshin Impact.


  • Klee offers the following suggestions to help you find the cart that was once yours.
  • This is an old, battered, old-fashioned wagon just where it normally goes to fish-blowing.
  • It kept its present secretly hidden!
  • You might locate it and get everything you require.
  • Click OK.
  • Razor can be your evidence If you want to acquire it.
  • You’ll be unable to locate the location If you’ve not visited Klee. What is Klee operate.
  • If you don’t, you’ll be confused as to which path to choose.
  • Enter the woods Then press F to open Hidden Treasure.


The cart that was broken and old can be seen in the area of Klee blasts the fish during the Full Swing mission of the Genshin Impact Feast adventure. Check out the details of Klee Fish’s place of residence .

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