Get exclusive information on the Oasis rose scam. Find out why investors are expecting a scam.

Are you a trader or an investor in cryptocurrency? Are you an investor in cryptocurrency? What are the key features that make Rose trustworthy and reliable? What operations or features could be harmful to cryptocurrency by Rose?

Let’s discover why the Oasis network Rose Scam is so hyped. The truth about Rose legitimacy.



Rose was launched in November 2020. It has a stock of 10 million. These include 23.5% reserved to rewards, staking and 10% each for Oasis primary contributors and partners, as well 18.5% for Rose community.

1.55 billion roses were initially sold on the open market. There are currently 5.03 million Roses on the market. Uncirculated Roses number 4.97 billion. The Rose was introduced to the market at a cost of 4C/. It took many years for the rose to reach 22C/ in March 2021. Rose is not fraudulent. Its operation is the OasisNet Rose Scam.

Rose prices remained volatile. It was at 59C/ by mid-January 2022. Rose lost 6C/ because of a May 2022 crypto market crash. Rose’s current value stands at 0.06127 USD.

Investors will be closely watching the release of future 4.7 million Roses. Oasis’s reserve rose release caused a decline in Rose value. Oasis will likely release more Rose crypto in near future. Eventually, all reserved Roses should be available sometime in feature.


Rose is susceptible to market risk. Rose will experience a temporary drop in value between 45% to 50%. This is something investors should remember.


Rose might seem legit, but Oasis will reserve Rose once it has stabilized or increased in value for a few weeks. The price of rose that is put on the market drops because of an increased supply. This results in a very small profit margin. This is Oasis’s way of inducing more Roses on the market, at a high value and with stable pieces.