Versatile capacity is something that has changed the most out of the multitude of electronic gadgets I’ve gone with throughout the long term. Hard circles that were slow, weighty, and delicate were the main decision for sponsorship up enormous amounts of information out and about 10 years prior. I generally had one in my portable luggage, however sorting out whether or not it would in any case work after a violent transport ride added a layer of interest to each excursion.

Convenient strong state drives (SSDs) in a general sense changed the game. They’re not just quicker, more modest, and lighter than conventional hard drives, but on the other hand they’re fundamentally more dependable thanks to the shortfall of moving parts. Whenever they at first emerged, they were restrictively costly, however likewise with all the other things in innovation, the cost has diminished significantly over the long haul.

The RAVPower Portable SSD makes up for that shortcoming. This little, light gadget has a recommended retail cost of under 100 bucks for a portion of a terabyte of quick stockpiling that fits in your pocket, can endure knocks and drops, and works with both work area and (some) cell phones.

By all accounts, it appears sense for sponsorship up photographs and other data in a hurry, or essentially adding more capacity to a telephone, tablet, or PC in a way that is not difficult to ship whether you’re traversing the globe or directly across the home. Yet, practically speaking, how well does it work? The second has come to find out.

Elements and Specifications

At the hour of composing, the RAVPower UM003 Portable SSD is accessible in two limits: 512GB and 1TB. As indicated by my kitchen scales, it’s a little dark and dark square shape estimating 4.0 x 1.2 x 0.3 inches (10.2 x 3.0 x 0.9cm) and weighing just 1.4 ounces (40g). The drive showed up in a dainty dark bundle with a handbook, delicate pocket, and two short USB-C to USB-C and USB-A to USB-C links.

The pocket is sufficiently huge to hold both the drive and the strings, with a divider to isolate them. There are directions for utilizing the application on work areas (Windows or Mac), the iPad Pro, and Android gadgets. Because of inadequate power presented by the Lightning association, it is tragically not upheld on more established iPad models and iPhones, regardless of whether you utilize the right connector.

Convenient drives aren’t the most convoluted of peripherals, and this one isn’t any unique, with a USB-C port toward one side and a logo and sticker on the other. Except if you have any desire to encode the items, you don’t have to introduce any drivers or programming to utilize the drive. RAVPower accompanies AES-256 encryption programming for macOS and Windows, which expects you to give a secret word of up to 12 characters before you can get to the information.

Assuming you intend to associate the drive to your telephone or tablet, you’ll have to cripple it or utilize elective encryption programming since it’s not upheld on portable OS frameworks. The work area programming can be found on the drive or downloaded from the site, alongside a duplicate of the manual.

Since there are no moving parts on this SSD, it’s exceptionally intense out of the container, and it’s evaluated to endure fall of basically a meter (3.3 feet.) However, it isn’t residue or water-safe, so assuming you really want a drive that can endure more unforgiving circumstances, you’ll need to go somewhere else.

Certifiable Testing

How about we start with the clearest include: the RAVPower Portable SSD is very smaller, particularly for any individual who is accustomed to hauling around a standard compact hard drive. It fit serenely in my palm and was sufficiently light to adjust on a solitary finger. It was sufficiently little to fit in my jeans pocket with a lot of space in excess, even with the two wires in its sack. Up until this point, everything has worked out in a good way.


To start, I associated the drive to my PC and performed two benchmarks: one with the drive connected to a USB-C Thunderbolt connector and the other with the drive associated with a USB-A 3.0 port. RAVPower promotes a greatest speed of 540MB/s, but on specific consecutive understood tests, the drive altogether surpassed that.

During those testing, the Thunderbolt port gave 15-20 percent speedier read speeds, with to a lesser degree a distinction while composing information and no noticeable change in irregular read/compose tests.

I next moved 110GB of photos from my PC to the close unfilled compact SSD over USB-C to stretch test the circle. It required 17 minutes and 30 seconds, which is amazingly quick when contrasted with a conventional turning plate: transferring similar items to my versatile hard drive required above and beyond thirty minutes. The issue with strong state drives (every one of them, in addition to this one) is that as they full up, compose speeds delayed down.

It’s a significant part of how this sort of capacity innovation functions, and the common principle is that you ought to hold it under 75% ability to get the best exhibition. This is additionally valid for the RAVPower Portable SSD. I re-duplicated similar assortment of pictures to the drive in the wake of completely filling it.

All the other things about the test continued as before, yet it accepted two times as lengthy to finish, with the work at last being finished not long before the 35-minute imprint.

Is it conceivable to spare the gritty details? Whenever the drive arrives at about 3/4 limit, duplicating documents to it will take altogether longer. Fortunately, read speeds are unaffected.

At last, I utilized USB-C to associate the plate to an Android telephone. It was expeditiously found, and I had the option to explore maybe it were some other stockpiling gadget utilizing a record director program. It required a little more than 12 minutes to move 17GB of photographs from the telephone to the hard circle. It was much more slow than duplicating information from the PC, yet it functioned admirably.


As recently expressed, no additional product is expected to regularly work the drive.

You’ll have to utilize the related program (or one more encryption application) on Windows or macOS to scramble the items. On Windows, the establishment required scarcely a couple of moments. It’s a direct programming with a huge button for empowering “Experimental Mode,” as the firm depicts it.

Encryption is empowered naturally when you enter a secret word two times and a clue on the off chance that you fail to remember it. You’re bound to a 40MB read-just segment called “RAVENCRYPT” in “Experimental Mode,” which just holds back the program installers and PDF guidelines that come norm. Whenever you enter your secret word, the essential parcel shows up, complete with the entirety of your average stuff.

On Android, I tried the scrambled drive and found that I could see the default records, without any means to open it and see the rest of. Despite the fact that you might handicap “Experimental Mode” from the work area application, this isn’t a lot of help on the off chance that you don’t have a PC or other PC close by. It’s a straightforward arrangement on the off chance that you don’t anticipate utilizing the drive with cell phones much of the time, and it merits considering assuming you put anything basic on the drive.


The RAVPower Portable SSD is a basic sell for anybody who needs additional convenient stockpiling, because of its size, elements, and cost, as well as a two-year guarantee from a respectable maker. Except if you’re on a restricted spending plan, have a ton of capacity requests, or are extremely harsh on your stuff, it’s a clear and practical answer for a well established issue.

This is a conspicuous pick for voyagers as a result of its light weight, toughness, and simplicity of encryption, but at the same time it’s appropriate for anybody who requirements to get to anything up to a terabyte of information when out of the house.