Picuki is an internet based device that permits you to download all the photographs and photos of an IG( Instagram) account on the web. The cool part is that you don’t have to sign in that frame of mind to download a picture from a particular ID. You want to enter the record ID of the image you need to download, and afterward you can see all the freely posted photographs of the IG account. Picuki additionally has a few awesome huge elements like; you can alter others’ post photographs on the web, whether it is set channels, crop, change immersion, contrast, and so forth, you can all.

It isn’t that hard to Use Picuki. Will show you how you can utilize Picuki bit by bit with pictures.

The authority site is Picuki.com

How to utilize Picuki?
There are two principal ways of utilizing Picuki.

View photographs from account search
View photographs from hashtag search
Assuming you know these two techniques, you will actually want to openly see Instagram photographs.

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Technique 1 – Account search

  1. Click on the URL beneath to enter Picuki, an internet based IG photograph download device.
  2. Picuki online IG photograph picture download (editable)
  3. In the wake of entering the Picuki site, you will see its landing page. The method for utilizing Picuki is exceptionally basic, simply enter the other party’s Instagram account straightforwardly on the site.

Picuki online IG photograph download device
Picuki online IG photograph download device

  1. Picuki will then list every one of the IGs connected with the IG account you entered, for the most part you will effortlessly observe which one you are searching for. Snap to enter after you observe the IG account you are searching for. For instance, I embed renowned football star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Search username utilizing Picuki

  1. After you snap to enter the IG account, you will observe that Picuki has recorded all the photographs and photos of the IG posts of the record, and, surprisingly, a couple of posts of the IG account have been recorded for you.
  2. Then, at that point, you can begin to peruse every one of the posts of the IG account! After you observe the post you need to download the image, snap to enter.


  1. Subsequent to entering the post photograph, to download this photograph, simply click “Download” to download it, and the IG picture photograph on the Picuki site is standard size, everything is good to go of the thumbnail decreasing.

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Technique 2 – Hashtag search
To see Instagram photographs utilizing hashtag search, follow the means beneath.

  1. Admittance to Picuki like previously and tap the pursuit window.

Tap the inquiry window on picuki

  1. Enter the hashtag you need to look and tap the “search symbol”.

tap the “search symbol”
Tap the “search symbol”

  1. Tap “Labels” over the query items.

Tap “Labels” over the query items
Tap ‘labels”

  1. Competitor hashtags are shown, so tap the hashtag you need to see.

click chosen tag on picuki
Select a tag and snap it

  1. Hashtag query items are shown, and you can see the posted photographs by looking over the screen. Presently you can see the photographs from the hashtag search.

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Instructions to alter photograph in Picuki
alter photograph online on Picuki
Alter photograph online on Picuki

  1. Probably the greatest element of Picuki, an internet based instrument, is that you can straightforwardly alter others’ IG photographs on the web. This element isn’t accessible in numerous other IG downloaders.
  2. Picuki upholds you to apply channels, crop, change openness, contrast, immersion, and so forth to pictures straightforwardly on the web, which is very helpful. Subsequent to changing the image, you can download it straightforwardly.

alter photograph in picuki
Alter photograph and pictures on Picuki
Notwithstanding Picuki, you can likewise allude to other valuable IG downloaders.

You can see the story without signing in
With Picuki you can likewise watch Instagram stories without signing in.

To see the Instagram story, follow the means underneath.

  1. Access the profile page of the individual you need to see the story with Picuki.
  2. Tap “Stories” on the profile screen.

Tap “Stories” on the profile screen
Tap “Stories” on the profile screen

  1. Tap the story symbol showed at the lower part of the screen.

Tap the story symbol
Tap the story symbol

  1. Presently you can watch Instagram stories without signing in.

You can watch Instagram stories
You can watch Instagram stories

In the event that the story video doesn’t play, take a stab at downloading it to your cell phone once.

You can likewise watch the video by playing the downloaded record.

I want to believe that you comprehend the cycle, it is extremely simple and easy to utilize.

The are some inquiry in regards to Picuki device on the web. Lets see them…

Q.1 What happens to your impressions when you check Instagram on Picuki out?

For the most part, on Instagram, when you take a gander at a story, you get an impression.

Many individuals need to see Instagram stories without impressions.

Whenever you watch an Instagram story on Picuki, there are no impressions.

Whenever you need to see the story without impressions, it is protected to see it from an outer site like Picuki.

Q.2 Is Picuki legitimate and safe?

Indeed it is, perusing Instagram secretly is a lawful, safe, and basic approach to appreciating everything about Instagram without superfluous setbacks.

Q.3 What I can do with picuki.com?

Look for superstars
View superstar posts
You can peruse the remarks on the post
Remark on a post and see an individual’s profile (you can likewise see that individual’s post)
You can really look at the quantity of beneficial things on the post
Hashtag search is conceivable
You can see the story
Q.4 What I can’t do with picuki.com?

My profile settings
Make your own post
To remark
Watch livestream
Can’t see or download from a privet account
Q.5 Can I see the key red (private record)?

Apologies, you can’t see any Instagram key red (private record) posts or stories utilizing this apparatus.

In any case, there are some stunt which could help you. There are some youtuber who previously made sense of this stunt.

Q.6 Is picuki.com free? Isn’t it charged on the way?

Indeed it is totally free. You won’t be charged on the way.

Picuki.com create it’s income utilizing Google AdSense program, so it is available to public to use for nothing.

There is no inconvenient record enrollment work.

Q.7 What is the working organization of picuki.com?

I checked the picuki official site, yet it appears to be that the it isn’t presented on work organization data.

Assuming you might want to contact the picuki.com the board advisory group other than applying for picture cancellation, kindly do as such from the accompanying request page on the picuki.com site.

Q.8 Is Picuki mysterious?

Indeed it is mysterious, you can see photograph and stories without leaving impressions.

Q.9 Why is Picuki not working? Is it down?

Many individuals are confronting issues connected with picuki, such as stacking issue, manager not working and even site not opening. It is going on a result of the expanding of the traffic on their server. To take care of this issue you need to get the reserve free from your program or the application you are utilizing.

Sum up
It appears to be that Instagram shouldn’t be visible without signing in, yet assuming you utilize a site like Picuki, you can see the posted photographs without signing in.

Besides, I’m happy that I can see the story and have no impressions.

It appears to be that it very well may be utilized when you need to see the tale of a keen on individual furtively.

Nonetheless, kindly note that you can not see any posts or livestreams from private records.

Remember that assuming the other party has a private record, you can not see it from outside locales like Picuki.

The greatest component of Picuki is that you can not just download every one of the photos and photographs of the public IG account, yet additionally alter them on the web. This capacity is extremely strong, and it tends to be downloaded without enlistment and login, which is very suggested.

In this article I made sense of bit by bit with picture so client like you can comprehend and utilize it effectively without having any issue. I want to believe that you grasp what is it and how to utilize it. Assuming you have any inquiry or uncertainty, kindly make sure to me on remark area.