If you use social media and mobile phones to play, you may know the most famous and popular Pokémon game.

The game is famous all over the world, and today in this article, we will share about the recent error that players are facing these days. There are many causes behind the different errors, giving you detailed information about the errors and solving them.

This article is about “Pokémon Go Error 6”. Read about this bug in detail and the various ways to solve it and play without any problem.

What is Pokemon Go?

It is a game that you can play on your smartphone, and it is an adventure game where you have to catch real life pokemons in various places.

The game uses Google maps and you can catch different Pokémon that are set in other locations. If you have poke coins, you can buy many items like pokeballs and recovering the Pokémon after a fight is possible. Read more about “Pokémon Go Error 6”

The game is available on Android and IOS devices for free. You don’t need to spend a single penny unless the pokeballs are very low and you need them to continue the game.

Why is a game different from other games?

All mobile phone games require the player to sit in one place and play, but “Pokemon Go” is different. Players must travel the world to catch other Pokemon and improve their levels.

You will find the pokemons installed in various places such as gyms, parks, gardens, terraces and roads. Therefore, this game will not become a reason for obesity, but will make the players fit, healthy and have more fun. There’s a problem looming called “Pokémon Go Error 6”.

What is Pokémon Go error 6?

Pokemon Go error 6 is a new error that players are facing. The “Error 6” does not allow players to play the game, and there can be many reasons behind this.

What could be the possible causes of the error?

The various reasons behind the worldwide error can be due to network, internet connectivity issues, GPS signal issues, server related issues, etc.

How to solve the problem?

To fix Pokemon Go error 6, you can try several ways like:

• You can reactivate the game again in 5-10 seconds.

• You can turn off the Internet for a few minutes and restart.

• If you are kicked out of the gym, click the gym button again.

What are the customer opinions?

Players say that while playing they are faced with error 6, and still, there is no solution on the Pokémon go website. Players are eager to find the answer.


The last line says that the game ‘Pokemon go’ has a new error, which is error 6, and there is still no solution. Players are unable to play the game and a message appears showing that Pokemon Go error 6 occurred. To correct the error, players can check the internet connection or restart the game.