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Do you have any information on AGM-114 Hellfire? R9x Hellfire is a rocket having dynamic warheads particularly planned in the US. Notwithstanding, individuals Worldwide are quick to be aware of this rocket, its particulars, and the way things are utilized. The rocket is mostly utilized during war circumstances. R9x Wiki will refresh you about this rocket, and individuals are rambling about this site.

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  • What is R9x?
  • For what reason is R9x Wiki moving?
  • Determinations of R9x
  • Variations of R9X Missile
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What is R9x?

Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin produced the R9x in 1974. The rocket is a damnation variation with sharp cutting edges. It is an accuracy weapon gauging around 45 kg and uncommonly intended for hostile to shield purposes. It is surface-to-surface and air-to-surface rockets costing around US$ 150,000. The US has as of late utilized the rocket to kill a fear monger that we will examine ahead. This made it a moving theme, and individuals are looking for its purposes.

For what reason is R9x Wiki moving?

As of late, the Hellfire R9X rocket, an enemy of tank weapon, is utilized to kill Al Qaeda’s boss, Ayman al Zawahiri. He was one of the great profile fear based oppressors and was the primary plotter of the psychological militant assault of 9/11. The Central Intelligence Agency utilized this weapon on July 31, 2022, to kill Zawahiri, dwelling in Afghanistan. It was a huge accomplishment for the US and the entire country that they finished their main goal. This made it a moving point. Further, we will share the particulars of the R9x rocket.

Particulars of R9x

In light of our examination on R9x Wiki, we have found that the rocket has various highlights. A few perusers know nothing about its details. Thus, here we will share each essential detail that depicts the strength of this weapon.

Length: 1.6 m

  • Measurement: 180 mm
  • Motor: Solid-fuel rocket; Thiokol TX-657
  • Wingspan: 0.33 m
  • Direction framework: Millimeter-wave radar searcher and Semi-dynamic laser homing
  • Type: surface-to-surface; air-to-surface
  • Mass: 45-49 kg
  • Unit Cost: Its unit cost in FY 2021 is US$150,000

Begun in: the United States

This was about its determinations. We trust that this data will be useful for all of you. Further, we will share a few subtleties on the variations of R9x Wiki.

Variations of R9X Missile

  • The rocket has numerous variations with various details. Some of them are:
  • AGM-114A
  • AGM-114B/C
  • AGM-114F/FA
  • AGM-114K/K2/K2A (Hellfire II)
  • AGM-114L Hellfire
  • AGM-114M
  • AGM-114N
  • AGM-114P/P+
  • AGM-114R
  • AGM-114R9X


Summarizing this post here, we have educated our watchers regarding the determinations of the Hellfire hostile to tank rocket weapon. The weapons were as of late used to kill the head of Al Qaeda, Zawahiri because of which many individuals need to realize the weapon utilized by the CIA. Along these lines, we have educated everything about this weapon, similar to its particulars, variations, and so on. It is an instructive post, and we have refreshed you on insights about the weapon.

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