Every parent’s wish is to offer the best environment for their kids to grow up in. Sometimes these offerings stop the natural upbringing of the kids that is pretty much necessary for survival in society. The bitter truth is neither parents nor children realise that this is wrong on so many levels. In the end, the kids grow up with no sense to understand the consequences of one’s actions. Financial privileges play important role in all that. Affluenza is the inability to take responsibility for one’s actions just because someone belongs to a rich family. Well, the definition of rich can differ but the results are the same.

There might be a chance that some of you might be sensing this sort of activity in your children. Don’t panic, as it’s never too late. You can change your parenting style and can solve the kid’s issues immediately. In case you are unable to change it on your own you can always take help from technology. Parental control apps offer features like record phone call software, access to the text log, Mic bug and camera bug features. This type of strict monitoring can help you track any sign of affluenza or any other disorder in yours. Raising responsible kids is the duty of every parent and spy apps like TheOneSpy great help to today’s parents.


TheOneSpy is a spy app and monitoring software that offers its services for different platforms. One can get an android, Mac or Windows version to keep a check on the target through their smart gadgets. Smart gadgets a digital platforms play important role in the upbringing of today’s generation. Especially the kids who are practically growing up with the social media tools vibe differently. Spy apps help the parent trace any early signs of affluenza or any other disorder. One can start taking immediate action right away to avoid any form of destruction in the future.

Why Record Phone Calls?

Kids these days share everything with friends rather than family. They can be the real friends who they meet on daily basis, A school fellow, senior or neighbourhood friend. On the other hand, chances are that the friend is a digital friend and they have never met in the real life. Both scenarios have their pros and cons. A kid sharing everything with a stranger can put them in danger. How will you know if the company has a good effect on them? Or if they are turning into somtheing completely different just because their friend thinks that is cool. Digital content can affect your mental state and emotions in different ways. The only thing a parent can do is keep a strict eye on the kid and the company. These days it is only possible by using parental control apps and features like recording phone calls.

With the parental control spy app, one can record phone calls from the kid on daily basis. The call log feature saves all the incoming and outgoing call records of the target. Parents can frequently check the call record to know if the kids are making new friends or if they keep themselves too much busy with smart gadgets. The call record feature can be successfully used to keep a check on the kid’s company. Parents can listen to the kid’s calls with friends or any stranger and can find out about the content. Listen frequently and carefully. Observe how they sort out any unforeseen situation at school or in life. One can simply trace any habit early on and can work as a team on the issue.

Using the spy app is very simple and easy. Visit the TheOneSpy website and choose the bundle you want. There are three types of bundles for Android, Mac and Windows users. All three bundles offer every basic and advanced feature. Thus no need to worry about the features distribution while choosing the bundle. Once the bundle is selected have physical access to the kid’s device and install the app by following simple steps. Make sure the target gadget is not encrypted at the time of installation. Once the app is installed all the monitoring can be handled remotely.