Somewhat recently or something like that, Anker has created an assortment of divider chargers, all of which have carefully decreased their size and weight while supporting their power yield. They’ve made little telephone chargers, ones with about at least six USB ports, and gadgets with enough ability to charge any PC without overheating.

Presently, the organization has directed concentration toward chargers can deal with a tad of everything. Charging a PC, telephone, or tablet from a charger adequately minuscule to convey in your pocket used to be an unrealistic fantasy, yet that is not true anymore, as per what shown up in my letter drop half a month prior.

Anker involves similar name for two separate items, which is somewhat aggravating.

There’s a solitary port 30W USB-C charger called the Powerport Atom III Slim, as well as a 65W four-port variant. I’m currently looking into the last option.

Elements and Specifications

The Powerport Atom III Slim 4-Port is a little device, as its name recommends. It’s minimized and light to the point of fitting in your back pocket, estimating 3.5 x 3.4 x 0.8′′ (9 x 8.7 x 2cm) and weighing 4.8 oz (136g). I don’t know for what reason you’d need to do that, yet assuming the temperament strikes you, it’s plausible. The power string, which is five feet in length and interfaces into a divider attachment, is excluded from the aspects and weight.

Anker Powerport Atom III Slim 65W 4-Port USB Charger

It has a velcro lash to keep it clean, yet assuming that you’re voyaging and need a more limited form, any standard link with a figure-8 fitting would do the trick. The main thing on the highest point of the device is a little logo and a weak circle that lights up blue when the power is associated. The divider link is connected the back, and each of the ports are situated on the front: a USB-C 45W PD port and three USB-A ports that share 20W of force.

Any of the USB-A connectors might convey a limit of 12W (5v x 2.4a). With the exception of a velcro strip to secure the charger immovably on (or under) your work area in the event that you don’t want to move it frequently, there’s very little else in the case.

Genuine Testing

I put the charger through various pressure tests throughout the span of a couple of days, and afterward involved it as my everyday charger for quite some time to guarantee its dependability.

Stress Testing

To start, I over and over depleted a PC and two cell phones to half battery power, then charged them independently utilizing both their customary charger and the Powerport III. I attempted the USB-C port and one of the USB-A ports independently on the telephones.

Lenovo Yoga 920

Plant Charger

19.1v @ 2.79a = 53.3W

PowerPort III Slim (USB-C)

14.1v @ 2.55a = 36W

As may be obvious, the Powerport’s 45W most extreme result can’t coordinate that of the 65W industrial facility charger that accompanied the PC.

Ordinary Testing

Anker-Powerport-III-Atom-65W-way of life

Not at all like the pressure testing, which required a few hours and involved an assortment of estimating instruments, the customary testing expected me to sit idle. I previously had various charging links for my PC, telephone, earphones, and Fitbit directly in front of me, so I just connected them all to the Powerport III.

It was the main charger I utilized for about three weeks. The PC and telephone were generally associated, while the miniature USB and Fitbit strings were just utilized at regular intervals. Everything went off according to plan, as you could expect.

My PC, similar to my telephone, was generally totally charged when I eliminated it from the charger. There were no separations or log jams in charging speed that I took note.

Fundamentally, it did the exact thing it said it would.


All in all, I truly adored the Anker Powerport Atom III. It’s amazing that you can pack this much power and adaptability into such a little charger, particularly on the grounds that you’re forfeiting so minimal all the while. There’s no great explanation you were unable to involve it at home as an everyday charger for your PC, telephone, or tablet, then toss it in your gear when you go to a bistro or the air terminal.

All through my tests, it remained unshakable, and keeping in mind that it heated up under weighty strain, it never turned out to be exorbitantly hot. While numerous PCs will charge somewhat more slow than expected, the distinction in genuine execution is probably going to be more modest than the details show.

The straightforwardness of having a solitary charger that can do all that will be certainly worth the hang tight for some individuals, particularly when they’re in a hurry. With the Anker Powerport Atom III Slim 4-port charger, Anker has made a champ that is both reasonable and valuable. Suggested.