The present post on Sld Opportunity Scam has illuminated our perusers about the moving trick that is going around nowadays.

Have you known about the new trick moving such a lot of nowadays? On the off chance that you have not, sit back and relax. Today, we will attempt to give however much data about the trick as could be expected. This trick is going around in the United States, and certain individuals have fallen into their snare.

Today, here on Sld Opportunity Scam, we will give a piece of point by point data about the moving trick. Kindly read the whole article to find out about the trick.

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  • About the Scam
  • Sld Opportunity Scam
  • Individuals who have gotten such texts
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About the Scam

Potential casualties are getting the instant messages which are important for the “SLD Opportunity” trick. The objective of the extortionists is to persuade potential casualties that they have gotten a proposition for employment to get them the beneficiary can call them at the number gave in the sham SMS or through a Zoom connect. Moreover, the phony text expresses that Rosa@SLB has a couple of requests about the competitors’ resumes.

Sld Opportunity Scam

In this trick, the potential casualty gets a text from the trickster that goes this way; You are supported to join the SLD’s Company Overview joined by an Interview on XYZ day at ABC hour. (They additionally give a Zoom welcome or contact number in the text), or the text can likewise be like, Hi, I am Rosa@SLD; we have a couple of questions with respect to your resume. Subsequently, we might organize a web-based interview, for which they give their contact number in the text.

Assuming you or your close to ones have at any point experienced Sld Opportunity Scam, or regardless of whether you have not, know for the future and furthermore illuminate your friends and family not to fall into the snare. Enlighten them regarding this trick, and you might share this article for reference.

Individuals who have gotten such texts

Certain individuals who have gotten such messages and that’s what approached their given number let us know, subsequent to chatting on a call, the tricksters set up a zoom call where they start with a customary organization video and say that their CEO, aside from their ‘occupied’ plan has set aside some margin to by and by direct this meeting. In this Sld Opportunity Scam, they likewise play out a 1-on-1 meeting in which they notice a paid course, which the competitor should pass to get into the organization.

Individuals in their steady perspective might cease from giving any cash yet the people who are needing a task and cash might fall into the snare.


In the present article, we have attempted to illuminate our perusers as much about the moving trick that is going on. We have cautioned our perusers not to fall into this snare. If it’s not too much trouble, visit this connect to more deeply study this trick

Do you like the post? We have given as much data about the Sld Opportunity Scam to shun our watchers falling into this snare.