The Cons of Gaming

  1. Gaming could be addictive without proper control and moderation. Focusing your time alone on gaming makes you forget and neglect other essential priorities, which leads to destruction. It could be neglecting your studies, physical being, mental health, and even relationships with other people.
  2.  It causes you physical problems because you will only exert physical activities other than just sitting in front of your computer. It will cause pain in the back, related eye problems, and headaches.
  3. The time you supposedly spent with family and friends will be taken because you’re already prioritizing gaming and don’t want to have any interaction with them. 
  4. You don’t want to be disturbed, which causes you to react violently when someone tries to talk to you while you’re in the game. 
  5. If you’re a student, your performance in school will most likely be affected, and your grades will decrease. You will have less time to study and focus more on the game. 
  6. Sleep is no longer your primary focus. Your health will be affected again. 
  7. Gaming makes you spend money, which is sometimes not considered worth spending. 
  8. In gaming, you are also more exposed to crimes online, such as harassment and cyberbullying. 
  9. Some of the content’s games might not be appropriate for you and all ages. 

The effects of games still vary depending on how you carry yourself in them. It’s vital that no matter what kind of stress-free environment this gaming world offers you, you have to balance it with other aspects of your life. 

Play Games in Moderation

  1. Make sure you’re not losing anything by playing games excessively, such as grades in school, participation in church activities, or even relationships because of gaming.
  2. Game planning will help you decide what to emphasize and what to ignore.
  3. Consider the tasks you wish to complete each day.
  4. Additionally, create screen-free time and consider outside activities.
  5. Follow through on your plans.
  6. Schedule in time for sleep.

Things to Remember in Gaming

By bearing these factors in mind, you may ensure that playing video games for fun does not hurt you.

  1. Balance your time carefully. Playing shouldn’t take up all your time; instead, prioritize your life, school, and relationship obligations.
  2. To prevent exhaustion and physical aches when playing, pause and stretch your body.
  3. Think about knowing everything there is to know about the game you are playing.
  4. Be careful what you play because some games contain sexual content unsuitable for all ages.
  5. Consider other players as well. Play respectfully and let others have fun.
  6. Have a life. Only spend part of your day playing.

Reasons to Stop Playing Games

Yes, games help you escape reality, but sometimes, you unconsciously leave something more critical behind because of addiction. 

Here are some reasons why you should stop gaming:

  1. The more you focus on games, the more you forget the other things in life. Worst, you will skip supposedly good memories and occasions with friends and family. You will need to remember your priorities and goals in life. 
  2. Games change your perspectives. Sometimes, you will get controlled by the game, which changes your life principles. 
  3. You don’t learn anything by playing games. It’s better to read games. 
  4. Having too much screen time playing games puts your mental and physical being at risk. 
  5. You don’t seem to see yourself enjoying life anymore because you are always sitting at your computer. 

Realizations After Stopping Games

  • You realize that outdoor activities are more fun than virtual games.
  • You realize that you still have much to discover about yourself. 
  • You realize somehow that your online friends are temporary and family is not.
  • You realize that there is no more extraordinary skill to learn in gaming. 
  • You realize that losing a game increases your stress level. 
  • You realize that your gaming experiences are not for you but only for the virtual character you are building.
  • You realize that the world has more to offer and is more interesting.

How to Stop Gaming?

There are 2-simple steps you can put in mind to stop yourself from gaming addiction. 

  1. Set a period to stop gaming. 
  2. Start a new life without gaming. 

Step 1: Set a period to stop gaming

You can do this by uninstalling all your gaming apps on your computer and mobile phones. In addition, you also stop following gaming sites, including the vloggers and YouTubers that feature games in their channels. 

Remove yourself from the idea that you will get bored if you’re not going to play a game. There are a lot of things you can do aside from gaming. You can meet other people and share the same interests with them. 

Step 2: Start a new life without gaming

Find yourself a good hobby you can start with. It could be board games like chess and scramble or physical activities and sports. Know how to swim, dance, sing, and learn new daily skills. Your first step in everything should not be your last. 

There is more to life than just spending it always looking at your computer screen. 

Healthy Gaming

  • You don’t let yourself suffer from physical constraints such as back pain, eye strain, and headache. 
  • You still prioritize your sleep and give yourself time to relax.
  • You have more hobbies other than gaming.
  • You only play some days. 
  • You still have time for your studies.
  • You still keep your relationship with family and friends healthy. 


Stop gaming and prioritize other things that will improve your life. Rather than playing the game, why not learn that skill in real life? Life Beyond Gaming programs will guide you every step of the way. Games are not the only basis to enjoy life and escape yourself from stress. There is life beyond gaming

There is so much more to learn than imprisoning yourself on a screen. Make your life interesting and sound so that games no longer excite you. There is more to life other than your computer games – Life Beyond Gaming is here for you.