Subotica is a city located in northern Serbia and close to Hungary. The City Chamber resolved on Thursday to amend the City Rule to allow the presentation of the Bunjevci to be considered as the fourth authority language.

Croatian Unfamiliar and European Topics Priest Gordan Grlic Radiman stated that the drive was not in the frame of mind for good-friendly relations and he approached important bodies in Serbia to reconsider his decision.

“The Bunjevci tongue doesn’t exist as a language. It is one of the lingos for the Croatian language and has a place alongside the new Stokavian Ikavian tongue. After a meeting with journalists, Grlic Radman explained that the Bunjevci nation of Hungary is likewise a subethnic group who call their language Croatian. Radman stated that it would violate the respective and peaceful agreements on minorities privileges.

The European undertakings service, in a dissenting note, stated that “starting such drives would not add to additionally improving, reinforcing reciprocal relationships between the two countries, and it isn’t as per nor within that frame of mind EU guidelines or great friend relations.”

Agents of Vote-based Partnership of Croats of Vojvodina (DSHV) also opposed the choice.

Bunjevci’s assignment as an authority language is only possible if a commission is formed to draft a bill that changes the Rule.