An amusing voice transformer programming is an unquestionable necessity assuming that you have issues concealing your voice yet like pulling useful pranks on your loved ones. It might help you in making a wide scope of awesome and entertaining voice impacts. A particular ongoing call voice transformer programming will be monstrously helpful for individuals who like pulling functional tricks on others and escaping dull circumstances.

To settle on trick decisions to your mates, you might use an assortment of utilizations. While on the telephone, we’ve made a rundown of the top voice transformer applications for Android and iOS.

What is the best Android and IOS Voice Changer App?

MagicCall and Funcall are two of the most famous and best free voice transformer applications for iOS, while Voice Changer with Effects is the best voice transformer programming for Android.

What is Voice Changer in Snapchat?

The Snapchat voice transformer is a Snapchat apparatus that permits you to change your regular voice into a scope of amusing and one of a kind sounds by applying an assortment of discourse channels like outsider, bear, feline, robot, and some more.

1. Trick Dial

Trick Dial

Trick Dial is a famous voice transformer program that might be utilized during a telephone discussion. It’s additionally Android and iOS viable. This one is particular in that it incorporates pre-recorded lines that are played all through the discussion.

So you might call somebody’s telephone and pick one of the recorded voices to pull a trick on them. Basically telephone your mate and play the amusing tracks while you hang tight for their reaction. With this call voice transformer program, you might even record the call. You might watch it later or share it with your companions via online entertainment.

Consistently, you get free calls, making it considerably more helpful. The programmed replies in the Prank Dial application cause it to feel bona fide. The client might browse a scope of trick call settings. Save the point out log and pay the responses.

2. MagicCall


MagicCall is a dynamite program that can be utilized as a voice transformer during calls and is accessible for both Android and iOS. It’s a tomfoolery trick consider program that allows you to telephone your buddies and apply different impacts at the same time. Enchantment Call is not difficult to utilize and accompanies various voice adjustments and pre-introduced foundation impacts.

Guys, females, and the old The voices available in the Voices region incorporate Male, Robot, and Kid. The settings are Rain, Concert, Traffic, Birthday, Racecar, and Mount Everest. In the extra sounds region, you might use Clap, Gasp, Punch, Kiss, Laugh, and different clamors with emojis inside the calls.

You should settle on a telephone decision and select male, female, youngster, or animation with foundation commotion from the choices. The beneficiary will hear an alternate voice during the discussion, making it a great strategy to trick one another.

The application’s free release lets you to make a set number of calls, but the top notch form permits you to make more. The best thing of the application is that by gathering focuses in the call voice transformer application, you might acquire free calling minutes.

3. Voice Changer Prank Calls

Voice Changer Prank Calls

Voice Changer Prank Call is one of the best call voice transformer applications. For both Android and iPhone, it was initially known as Call Voice Changer, Allogag, however the name has as of late been adjusted for Android. Another trick call programming that you might use to have a great time with your mates is this one.

One of the various different voice choices accessible, for instance, is Darth Vader. These are outsider voices, instead of the regular male to female and youngster sounds. The foundation commotions incorporate air terminal, birthday music, feline, and dinosaur sounds. That, however you may likewise incorporate impacts like phantoms, wind, etc.

These highlights may likewise be tried on the client prior to being utilized in the genuine call. You might utilize the voice transformer application to get free minutes and enter to win additional minutes from the promoters while you’re on the telephone. For those looking for a quick trick call, the lightweight program is incredible.

4. Funcalls


FunCalls is an Android and iOS programming that allows you to modify the voice on your calls. You might pull tricks on your pals by using different voice impacts. The application’s exceptional release additionally permits you to settle on worldwide decisions. You can choose from any of the plans presented by the application.

You might pick an arrangement in view of your requests, and they charge constantly. The accompanying engaging voice impacts are available all through the call: Helium, Male, Funny, and Scary.The foundation voice impacts give a scope of clamors, including Cat, Dog, Cow, Wolf, and Monkey.

It is one of the best voice transformer applications for calls in light of the demo call work. You can hear every one of the audio effects since it permits you to settle on a free decision to yourself. This program is truly simple to utilize. Every one of the capacities expected to settle on decisions quick are accessible on the principal page. The product likewise incorporates use directions and an informative video for the client’s comfort.

5. Snapchat Voice Changer

Snapchat Voice Changer

Snapchat is a well known mixed media informing programming with an imaginative ‘Snapchat voice transformer’ work that permits you to make your voice sound odd and entertaining. Snapchat’s live informing capacity permits you to make video snaps with a decision of entertaining discourse channels and offer them with your buddies.

Be that as it may, how would you utilize these Snapchat voice transformer channels? Just quiet the video snap and hit the speaker button to modify your voice with one of the many voice transformer Snapchat impacts. For instance, the Snapchat outsider discourse channel causes your voice to seem like it came from another planet.

The kid voice transformer channel changes your voice to seem like a minuscule kid’s. Generally speaking, the Snapchat voice transformer application is an incredible method for living it up with your dearest companions and family.

6. Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer

IntCall’s Call Voice Changer is a great application for settling on trick decisions, and it’s accessible for iPhone. It works with iPhones and iPads also. The latest update is intended to work with iOS 14, permitting clients to use the voice transformer for approaches iPhones 9 and later.

IntCall gives various voice change choices, including male to female and female to male. During the call, you might add audio effects like the doorbell, whistle, kiss, child, telephone ringing, and creature sounds.

With a membership, clients might utilize the application for three days free of charge. A strong web association is fundamental in light of the fact that the call voice transformer programming utilizes VOIP. You should change the settings to turn off the membership since it is consequently recharged every week from your iTunes account.

7. Young ladies Voice Changer

Kid to Girl Voice Changer

This is an essential female voice transformer program that permits you to hear your voice as antiquated ladies, youngsters, little children, and other silly sounds. The one critical drawback is that you can keep your voice in a female tone. It is basically impossible to adjust your voice from male to female during a telephone discussion, in contrast to the next well known free voice transformer applications on our rundown.

8. Voice Changer Plus

Voice Changer Plus

This program permits you to construct and apply voice channels, as well as offer every one of your accounts free of charge, notwithstanding the way that it can’t be utilized during telephone discussions. An expansive choice of channels are accessible, including a robot voice, helium voice, and Darth Vader’s own voice. Beside that, you might change the pitch of your voice by speeding it up, dialing it back, or in any event, switching it. In the event that you have an iOS gadget, you can help it through the App Store.


Thus, when on the telephone, here are the best voice transformer applications for Android and iOS. We trust you’ll have the option to use the call voice transformer program to settle on a trick decision to your mates. You may, in any case, try out these applications to find which one suits you best. We’re persuaded you’ll have the option to track down something agreeable to do with your friends.

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