Selling a home can be an enormous task. From hiring the perfect estate agent , to the staging of the property to minor repairs and renovations to massive remodels to increase the value of the home there’s a lot involved in selling a house. Don’t forget the most important element of selling a house the best price to sell it at. If you price it too high, you’ll not get many offers, but price the price too low, and you’ll be losing money. If you receive the offer you want, it is important to know a variety of aspects you have to inform the prospective buyer. If you don’t, you may end up in trouble!

In the first place, when you plan to sell a home in the UK it is recommended that you complete the Property Information Form, which is often referred to as TA6 Form in estate jargon. If you’re in contact to estate brokers who are located in Leeds in order to market your house and you are unsure of the form, talk to your estate agent to fill out the form. While it is not legally required, it’s recommended to complete it as prospective buyers may think they have something to hide when you fail to complete the necessary. Now, if you’re contemplating selling your house in the UK Here are some essential things you need to disclose legally to prospective buyers and estate agents.

Building work

You are legally required to disclose any work on your property, including remodels, construction and alterations that have been completed in your house. Additionally, you must include the details on the form TA6. Building control certificates, planning permits and other vital details should also be reported.

Big problems

If you have any significant issues with your property that were identified in previous inspections, like pest or flooding issues that are legal, you are obliged to reveal the issues. Subsidy, troublesome issues with weeds, and environmental concerns must be reported legally. Any structural problem that is known to exist should also be reported.

Upcoming developments

In the event of planned projects for development or construction within the vicinity of the property, you are legally bound to report them on the form TA6. Also, any application that is pending or rejected in relation to planning permissions need to be reported as well.

Location details

Three important aspects which you have to legally reveal regarding your property when it concerns the property’s place of the property. One, if your property is located on the flight path. Two, if the property is near motorways. Three If there is a power plant or substation close to the property. In the event that there are plans to develop motorways or power stations that are located near the property, they must be made public. Additionally, if there is any public rights to pass routes over the properties or properties’ grounds that need to be listed as well.

Property defects

They are distinct from problems with structure or pests. In this instance the seller must reveal hidden defects like excessive levels of carbon monoxide. Asbestos-related issues must be disclosed legally as stated in the TA6 form.

Neighbour details

If a neighbour has been served with an Anti Social Behaviour Order, commonly referred to as an ASBO and you, as the seller are aware this information, then it is required to be reported. If there are any ongoing issues with your neighbors for example, boundary disputes or property disputes, you are legally bound to report these issues. Any official disputes with neighbours like noise complaints which local police were involved should also be reported.

Crime statistics

If there were any murders on the property they must be reported. Also, if there have occurred any suicides or deaths that occurred on this property, the owner is legally bound to reveal these as well.

Outstanding debts

As the seller you are legally bound to make public any outstanding debts on your property like the Green Deal loan. The Green Deal loan is taken to fund energy-efficient improvements to homes and is to be paid over a set period of time. Even if an owner sells their property, there is a debt in the home. Thus an owner is bound to make disclosure of the debt because the debt is transferred over to the prospective buyer.