Online shopping is a massive boom, including on social media platforms like Facebook. If you are looking to sell products from your store or just want to sell some old stuff from home, then the Facebook marketplace is the best way to make some extra money and move products. But it is important how the Facebook marketplace sells products online. 

What is Facebook Marketplace? 

Facebook Marketplace is a platform which connects sellers with buyers. On this platform, you can sell, buy or trade products with users in your community. Moreover, you lived in another country and used nationwide shipping for items. 

Shipping products not just in the local region; it also reaches customers nationwide. Facebook marketplace sets automatically offer rating and public profiles for sellers and buyers. With the help of ratings, you easily make transactions. Buyers can use location, price and category to narrow down sellers for the items they are interested in. 

Advantages of selling on Facebook Marketplace 

There are several reasons for using Facebook Marketplace. The main reasons are that you can reach more audiences easily. According to social media examiner, Facebook Marketplace has more than one million customers, which helps you get views.

With this more reach, you will get your items immediately to a large number of users. In addition, Facebook is a trusted platform; customers feel more comfortable buying products. Plus, the sale process is so simple, so there is a higher chance that the audience will buy on the spot. In addition, if you want to increase your selling reach, you need to buy Facebook views, which will help you to gain more likes and followers.

Categories on Facebook Marketplace 

Marketplace offers several categories, meaning sellers buy all kinds of things from the platform. The main categories of Facebook Marketplace include: 

  • Vehicles 
  • Accessories or clothing 
  • Electronics 
  • Free stuff 
  • Games and toys 
  • Pet supplies 

You need to make a name for them in a specific category. In addition, provide clear descriptions of your products, publish high-quality pictures of products and answer your customer’s questions. With these steps, you have built a reputation on the platform. 

Rules of Facebook Marketplace 

When you start a Facebook Marketplace, it is important to learn about the rules. According to Facebook’s commerce policies: 

  • You never listed prohibited products such as events, animals, vouchers and digital media. 
  • You’re listing items, not the intellectual property of a third party. 
  • Your items should be a product ( not news, service or meme)

How to communicate with buyers 

Sometimes customers can be rude, especially when you exchange a product for more than the retail price. Always stay calm and respectful no matter what his situation: 

  • Try to solve their problems as soon as possible to increase sales. 
  • If someone is very rude or angry, just ignore or block the messages.
  • Instead, you use the messenger app to answer questions quickly. 
  • Respectfully answers their questions and tells about the price. 

Tips for boosting your Facebook Marketplace sales 

There are several ways which help you to increase your sales on Facebook Marketplace. Here are some advanced selling tips to help you to get more audience. 

Make a competitive price 

Before you set a price limit for your products, Facebook comparable listings to see what others are asking about. Always make sure that your prices are not too low or not too high from the current marketplace price. Moreover, you can compare prices with other sellers and set a price limit. 

Upload high-quality photos 

Photos are an essential part of Facebook Marketplace. With the help of high-quality photos, the buyers see what the products truly look like. So take more time to upload photos and ensure that you check the photos are sharp, clean and crisp. 

Clicking pictures in natural light is a simple way to get clear colour representation. Also need to take pictures from several angles to offer the best picture for buyers. Always consider close-ups if any products have any damaged parts.

Including tags 

There is a tag for every Facebook Marketplace listing. Make sure you fill in some words so that a buyer can easily type in the search bar to find the products. For example: if you want to sell an antique necklace, include a tag like antique or jeweller. 

Offer local delivery 

Facebook Marketplace never offers a fulfilment service, so some items exchanges needed face-to-face meetings. The main problem is that some buyers don’t like to pick up products because of larger items like furniture. So always offer local delivery within a radius that does manageable for you. 

Renew your listings 

 If you have listed a product on Facebook Marketplace for seven days and have not sold it, renew its listing. With this, you move your list to the top of the results list. You do this by clicking on your business account and your listings in the Facebook dashboard. First, find the products and click the three-dot button on the lost. Then pick the renew listing options from the menu. Finally, replicate the steps for all listings to increase your stock.