Ever got a hiss and a paw full of claws on touching your furball’s little belly? If yes, don’t fear because many cat parents have admitted to experiencing the same, and others have sworn to have dealt with fierce bites or sharp scratches on their fingers and arms.

A shiny, fluffy, super soft fur ball lying on its back gives a perfect opportunity for cat owners to give it some gentle belly rubs. It can be pretty tempting, and you might have met puppies who relish having their furry bellies rubbed but don’t assume your in-house cat will respond the same way.

So before going for your furball’s belly, be prepared to deflect potential cat attacks. This simple gesture can unleash much chaos inside the home if your feline pet isn’t quite comfortable with you getting near its body, leave alone the belly.

Pet health insurance won’t cover your injuries from this, however it does cover your cat’s accidental injuries, sickness, and medical emergencies at other times, allowing them to become much more manageable. Cat insurance helps support your furball with quality testing, treatment, and medications, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy. Meanwhile, read this article to learn why feline pets guard their bellies so much.

Reason #1

Your cat’s preferences may be different.

Some cats will be more than happy to receive a few rubs and kisses in the belly region, while others will not hesitate to tell their humans that bellies are off-limits. So, if your cat allows you to pet it as you wish, don’t think the same act will positively impact another random kitty you encounter elsewhere. Learning the cat’s preferences help you approach it appropriately, even if it means showing affection.

Reason #2

A cat’s belly is a sensitive area.

Although cats have evolved as predators, they can also be prey. In such a circumstance, their little tummies can be highly vulnerable as they contain many vital body organs. So, no sooner somebody approaches a skeptical kitty’s belly than it may get into self-defense mode. Protecting itself isn’t a crime, right?

If your furball trusts you, it should allow you to rub its exposed belly. Otherwise, be prepared to receive some quick bites and scratches. However, this shouldn’t deter you from bonding with your fur companion. Things can improve when your cat learns to trust you slowly and steadily.

Suppose your feline pet lazily stretches out on its back, for instance, in a sunny area of your home, on your bed, on the green grass on the lawn, or on the sofa; then it is probably in a laid-back mood, feels secure, and has no apprehensions about surprise threats.

In a case like this, pat yourself on the back for offering your cat a safe haven to live in. Even if your cat seems to be accepting of your affectionate gestures, be alert because, as with anything, too much of a good thing can do harm and by all means keep your fingers away just in case.

Accidents can happen to humans and pets at any time. Pet health insurance helps tackle unexpected cat health issues and emergencies effectively, so consider purchasing a policy. Comprehensive cat insurance policies can get your furball broader-ranging health coverage, even if it means paying a little more than other cheaper pet policies.