Often, based on geographic location and the tactics that are deployed, astrology is categorized as either Vedic or Western. When we think of Vedic we think of Kundli Milan and gemstones. Then what about the Western style of astrology? Introducing tarot cards. Tarot reading falls under the category of “cartomancy” or delivering a verdict using cards. Historically, tarot reading has been around since the 14th century but only gained social acquiescence around the 1700s. Hold tight with us as we delve into the topic and how you can use tarot cards to build a better life. 

Understanding the card deck. 

As discussed, tarot reading deploys play cards to foretell future events or past occurrences. Cards of the tarot deck are identifiable based on our four elements of air, earth, water, and fire. The typical tarot card deck is divided into minor and major Arcana, respectively. Generally, for the reading, a spread of seventy-eight cards is provided from which the client has to pick. 

How is tarot reading carried out? 

When we think of tarot cards, we often picture a fantastical tavern and a mysterious lady. But, in modern times that idea is much diffused. Tarot readings can be conducted in any setting and by anyone with proper knowledge. Simplifying the process, tarot reading is of two kinds – one where you chase the answers to a certain question or questions. This is called question reading. The other type gives a more generalized outline and should be used as a guide. 

Tarot etiquettes

As with any other ritual, tarot reading also require a certain decorum. When the cards are being drawn it is important to not be reactive. Experts tell that it is best to use the readings as a rough guide, open to multiple interpretations. For the person in charge of the session, it is also crucial to be neutral and act as just the interpreter of the divine. Being unbiased regardless of a person’s sexuality or ethnicity is basic. 

Benefits of Tarot reading

Western astrology shares a lot of its benefits with its kin Vedic astrology. With that said, tarot card reading has its significant benefits too. Let us run through those up-sides of this discipline :

  1. Bringing perspective to your life: Much like other divine interventions, a tarot reading can help you get a bit more light in the greyer recesses of your life. Based on what your reading shows, you can brace yourself for the bumpy future and even work diligently. This helps the client understand their own life a bit better. 
  2. Tarot sessions are cathartic: Tarot reading can often uncover past traumas or trials. Sometimes bringing up such topics and talking it out is the best thing to do for moving forward. In this way, tarot sessions are also compatible with traditional therapy. 
  3. Helps you improve: Tarot cards have the power to point at both your strengths and weaknesses. Now, no man is “perfect ” and being an all-rounder is not always possible. But, taking a tarot session can let you know your weaknesses and help you overcome them. A lot of competitive individuals resort to tarot for this reason especially. 
  4. Can predict incidents: The cards are indeed open to multiple interpretations but most of the time are bang on correctly. These cards can predict oncoming big changes, the good and the bad. For example, pulling a death card could mean some oncoming doom or some life-changing incident. This is one of the key reasons people seek tarot. 
  5. Tarot reading can help relationships: Tarot reading often provides the much-needed confidence in a person, something crucial in a relationship. Tarots also help take daunting decisions together and can help them foresee their future together. 
  6. Tarot reading helps settle in for peace: For a lot of individuals, the tarot has been a safe space. A lot of clients as well as tarot readers use the cards as self-care for their souls. It is undeniable that it acts as a confidant providing mental strength. The peace of the soul is one of the greatest gifts of tarot reading

It is clear that tarot reading opens our divine eye and helps us seek divine power. Yet, tarot is not for everyone. Tarot Experts believe that tarot reading works only when you sit with a non-judgemental, believing mind. In today’s social media tarot is getting much representation and as a result, the study is also becoming more inclusive for the hitherto marginalized groups. Thus we have decoded the world of tarot cards and hope this article helped you bring closer to what you were seeking.