In this blog, we got to become familiar with the Debra Jeter eulogy. We additionally know how their mom killed her children by cutting their throats and later kicked the bucket.

What was Debra Jeter’s Cause of Death? What is the specific reason for Debra Jeter’s passing? Individuals who found out about Debra Jeter’s passing directed broad web looks for her eulogy. In the wake of catching wind of Debra Jeter’s passing, many individuals question what caused her demise.

More often than not, the web deludes watchers by announcing about sound individuals as though they were perished. Many individuals in the United States have pondered Debra Jeter Obituary, the situation with Debra, and her passing. We should be aware of and how could she pass on?

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  • Who is Debra Jeter?
  • Debra Jeter’s Family: How is her little girl Kiersten Jeter?
  • Debra Jeter Obituary:
  • Debra is the heartless mother who killed her helpless little girls:
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Who is Debra Jeter?

Debra Jeter, a local of Texan who finished her conventional tutoring there, is an American resident by naturalization. At the point when Lee Jeter, Debra Jeter’s mate, began the separation technique, her reality was turned over. Debra became engaged with a hostile care disagreement regarding their two small children, Kiersten and Kelsey, while Lee was busy seeking legal separation. Debra Jeter is presently no more and appears to have ended it all.

Debra Jeter Hillsboro Texas, endeavored to end her own life on May 21, 2009, the after quite a while after Mother’s Day, while she was at the home with her two youthful little girls. She was 41 years of age at that point. She decided to end her own life since she was unable to bear losing her better half and her children.

Debra Jeter’s Family: How is her little girl Kiersten Jeter?

Since the case occurred during her young age, Kiersten Jeter has tried not to talk with the media. She recollects each horrendous detail of the episode a long time back with outright clearness. As of now, she is between the ages of 24 and 25. Debra has killed both her girls by cutting their throats.

Debra Jeter Obituary:

Debra Joyce Jeter of Carrollton, Georgia, withdrew on January 14, 2021. She was 58. Debra was brought into the world on November 20, 1962, in Randolph Co., Georgia, to the late Billy and Palona Jeter. She worked as a Program Specialist for Academic Affairs at West Georgia Technical College. Debra took the enrollment of Indian Creek Baptist Church.

The administrations of burial service for Jeter were announced at 2:00 p.m on Monday, January 18, 2021. Brother. Doyle Jackson, Indian Creek Baptist Church directed it. Interment will continue in the congregation graveyard. Individuals Debra left behind are her sisters by marriage and siblings, Elisabeth Jeter and Tony, and Donna Jeter, Jerry W., Ken and Kathryn Jeter, Debra Jeter Hillsboro Texas nieces and nephews, and their mates.

Debra is the heartless mother who killed her helpless girls:

On fifth June, 2009, she got a jail sentence after she was found defective of her young lady kid’s passing. Jeter revealed that Debra had killed her girl when she dialed 911. Police was educated to visit Debra’s home, where they found her thirteen-year-old young lady kid Kiersten Leigh Jeter was not deliberately found in the home and her 12-year-old little girl Kelsey Leanne Jeter dead from a blade wound. Likewise, really take a look at the further episodes of the series here


Ultimately, we offer recognition through Debra Jeter Obituary. In this episode, Debra endeavored this wrongdoing and Debra was condemned to jail; she was 33 years of age. According to the assessment, Debra Jeter was relegated with the first degree killing of her kid and the attempted homicide of one more of her youngsters. What was the thought process behind the homicide? Remark your viewpoints beneath.