Printed shirts don’t need any introduction. All of us must have at least 1 printed shirt in our wardrobe. They are stylish, unconventional, and they tend to add a sense of personality to your overall look.

Whether you pair them with a pair of denim or chinos, printed shirts have a way of elevating your look and making a case for your unique style.

Nevertheless, despite the infinite patterns and design elements, printed shirts seem to be done for. Seemingly, we have tried and tested almost all the prints that we could put on our shirts. Some of them stand out, others not so much, but all of them have gotten redundant.

So, the question is ‘are printed shirts worth it in 2022, or should we get back to the solids?’

Before we get into it, let’s first figure out when and where the trend of printed shirts for men came from.

Evolution of the printed shirt

You may be wondering, what exactly is a printed shirt? Well, it’s basically a shirt that has been imprinted with embroidery or other patterns. The first printed shirts were made in Germany, England and the United States.

However, they weren’t really called “printed” at all—they were simply considered “embroidered.” The idea of using this method came from France where they had been using silk threads to create patterns on fabric since the 18th century.

It wasn’t until around 1850 when someone figured out how to create these designs without using silk threads: by printing them onto cotton fabric! This new process led to some amazing creations like Thomas Edison’s famous electric pen (which he used for his invention).

The perks of the printed shirt

  • Printed shirts are a great way to express yourself.
  • Printed shirts are a great way to make a statement.
  • Printed shirts are a great way to show your personality.
  • Printed shirts are great for showing your sense of humor, too!

Types of Printed Shirts

Prints are a great way to dress up your outfit. They can be worn with jeans, shorts and even dresses. The best part is that you can wear them in any season!

Here are some styles of printed shirts:

  • Long sleeve shirts with prints
  • Short sleeve shirts with prints
  • Hawaiian shirts

Long Sleeve Printed Shirts

Long sleeve shirts are a great way to add some style and warmth to your look. They can be worn in the winter or summer, depending on where you are headed. Full-sleeve printed shirts are still new to the patterns game. Ergo, you still have a chance to make the most out of them.

Short Sleeve Printed Shirts

Short-sleeve printed shirts give off an easy going vibe and can be a perfect companion for your summer getaway. They are easy to style and can keep your aesthetics on point. Not to mention, short-sleeved printed shirts come in a range of colors and patterns. So, you could choose the ones that best suit your style.

Short-sleeved printed shirts are one of the most popular of the bunch because of their versatility and range of variations.

Hawaiian shirts

Hawaiian shirts are traditionally worn with shorts. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, but they’re usually white or yellow. Hawaiian shirts are also known as “aloha shirts” because they were originally made by Hawaiian workers who wanted to show their love for their home country.

Hawaiian shirts are unique because they can be worn in many different situations: at the beach, at work or school (if you’re going to college), on vacation… the list goes on! If you’re feeling brave enough though, try wearing your aloha shirt with jeans instead of shorts this summer – it’ll definitely make everyone take notice!

Should You Opt for Printed Shirts in 2022?

Coming back to our question of whether printed shirts have gone out of style, we only have this to say: it all depends on how you pull it off.

Printed shirts have become quite redundant. There is no doubt about that. Nevertheless, there are still a few brands that are bringing unique print and patterns to their shirts. So, if you do a little research and figure out what goes best with your body.

Just as the color black is know universally to add slimming effect, the type of print you choose can change your entire outlook. For instance, larger prints tend to add volume and smaller prints are known for adding the slimming effect.

So, as a general rule of thumb, go with larger prints if you are looking to add more volume to your outlook and smaller prints if you want to appear slimmer.

Besides the size of the print, you will also have to consider the type of prints. We suggest you to go with distinct prints that doesn’t make you look overboard but still makes you stand out.

A lot of people don’t think they can pull off a printed shirt, but many people can.

A printed shirt is a great way to stand out in a crowd. It’s also a great way to express your personality, show off your interests and have fun with fashion!

Printed shirts are everywhere these days, but not all printed shirts are created equal. Some people think that printed shirts have no place in their wardrobe because they can’t pull them off (or don’t want anyone else seeing them). But we disagree! There are plenty of ways you can wear printed shirts without compromising your personal style.


If you have never worn a printed shirt before, it can be intimidating. But the good news is that there are many options out there for men who want to wear one! They’re not just for surfers anymore and they don’t just mean wearing some weird print on your chest or neck – you can find shirts with cool patterns and unique designs that look great whether you are indoors or outdoors.