Almost 15% of Australians aged 16 to 85 reported having anxiety and extremely severe distress in 2020–2021. The essential thing to remember is that massage is a significantly more effective treatment for these issues than any other known method of relieving mental stress. Thus, Sydney has reached its peak in the number of massage parlours. According to a survey from 2015, Australia had 11.8 thousand massage therapists, and by 2020, that number is predicted to rise to 15.1 thousand.

Depending on the massage therapy needed, a massage in Sydney typically costs between $55 and $110. Between the last 12 months and June 2020, 21% of adults in North Sydney received massages. What draws so many people to massages in North Sydney? It is without a doubt because of the various advantages it provides, which are described in this article.

Increasing blood flow

Blood flow throughout the body is increased by relaxing muscles and tendons. Other body sections are positively impacted by improved circulation in various ways, including reduced pain and exhaustion. 

Relaxation and stress reduction

The main advantage of massage is stress reduction. Anecdotal data suggest that massage can help lower stress and increase relaxation, but further research is required to determine how much massage therapy reduces stress chemicals like cortisol.

Soothes aching muscles

Do you have muscle aches? One solution is massage in North Sydney. It promotes blood circulation and the massage effect. In 2011 research, which was released in the Annals of Internal Medicine, indicated that massage therapy benefits were just as successful at treating persistent back pain as other treatments.

Intimacy between couples

Physical interaction is not only beneficial. As SELF has previously reported, numerous studies indicate that physical touch lowers blood pressure, raises hormones like oxytocin, and elevates mood. Journal of Health Psychology also published this article. Couples who massage one another benefit from the experience on both ends, according to a tiny 2020 study. 

Decrease in cancer symptoms

Massage can ease anxiety and lessen cancer treatment’s negative effects while promoting relaxation as an adjuvant to conventional Western medicine. However, there are some areas that massage therapists should avoid working on cancer patients, if possible. 

It relieves depression and anxiety.

Massages are immensely beneficial and soothing. According to a 2005 study, women with breast cancer who underwent massage treatment three times per week felt less depressed and enraged. And a study in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry found that after the massage, patients with depression or anxiety felt much more at ease, happier, and less stressed.

Relief from stress headaches

You might feel like a tight band is wound around your head when you have a tension or focused headache. There is evidence that massage eases this form of headache, even if the cause is not entirely understood. It is particularly useful for easing shoulder, head, and neck stress (which may relieve headaches).

Increased sleep

Relaxation and mood improvement are the top benefits of massage. It is easier to fall asleep and wake up feeling less exhausted if your muscles are loose and relaxed when you go to bed. 

Pain management for fibromyalgia

Along with persistent pain, fibromyalgia patients frequently struggle with sleep, memory, and mood issues. Massages in North Sydney are an additional treatment along with medication, counselling, and physical therapy for the problem. You should speak with your doctor about the potential advantages of massage for fibromyalgia and go over your symptoms with your masseuse before your session.