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Do you like models? Would you like to be familiar with a few extraordinary models? In that unique situation, you ought to be familiar with Luke Volker. Luke Volker is a popular model, and you can follow him as extraordinary model.

Do you follow him on informal organizations like Instagram? He will be accessible on his Instagram account as Volker Luke Chase and followed by many individuals in nations like the United Kingdom, the United States, and so on. Have you paid attention to late news about him?

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Who is Volker Luke?

He is a model who lives in New York. He has done many tasks, according to His actual appearance is exceptional, with a 187-centimeter level and dull light hair.

He has accomplished some new work in the development of Jo DiNozzi and Darien DeMaria, which was known as A Sketch Of New York. Throughout the previous two years, he has additionally invested energy in California and Cape Town.

Volker Luke Chase:

As extra data about Volker Luke, he had a sweetheart, Charlbi; sadly, she kicked the bucket on Monday, August the 29th. He has a profile on IMDb, despite the fact that it isn’t popular and contains no realistic credits. However, upon the death of his better half, he was given 11 screen credits. So maybe the way in which he got that was through her sweetheart’s passing.

Volker Luke’s relationship with his better half, Charlbi Dean Kriek:

Volker Luke and Charlbi have been seeing someone 2020. Charlie had recently completed his most recent film, A Triangle of Sadness, a dim parody movie coordinated by a renowned chief. Ruben Stlund is a Swedish producer.

Per Instagram account Volker Luke Chase of Volker, they showed up together in their local Cape Town in South Africa and started their relationship in 2018.

Who is Charlbi Dean Kriek:

Charlbi started his displaying profession at the early age of 6. Then, at that point, she marked her task with Alfa Model Management at 12 years old. She had likewise endorsed with IMG, a model office in New York, and furthermore with a dream organization in Los Angeles. She was a South African entertainer and model.

Charlbi and Luke Volker became participated in February 2022, according to an Instagram post by Luke Volker. She died from an abrupt sickness in New York City, which was unforeseen.

Volker Luke Chase’s Instagram post:

According to the Instagram post of Luke Volker after the passing of his sweetheart, he posted a recognition post and expounded on his new film triangle of trouble.

After that post, he promptly acquired 11 screen credits since he got so many sympathy messages and warm words on his better half’s passing.


At last, we can say that Charlbi made her sweetheart Luke Volker glad after her passing since he amassed such an enormous fan base and turned out to be so notable because of her passing. Generally speaking, his better half’s passing expanded his reputation. To find out about Luke Volker you can visit

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