SBMM Warzone (Skill-based Match Making) was a well known detail tracker that followed all Call of Duty (COD): Warzone players’ details. This tracker was utilized to guarantee that all players were on equivalent it was reasonable to foot and that opposition. In the wake of getting a notification from Activision’s legal counselors, the site must be brought down.

SBMM Warzone, as indicated by the engineers, was obstructing their API (Application Programming Interface) for following information, consequently they were told to incapacitate the Stat work. SBMM Warzone is back in real life with another area name, “WZ Stats,” after a few endeavors to contact the engineers. To learn all that there is to be aware of ‘WZ Numbers’ and its options for following your details in COD Warzone, continue to peruse.

What is the contrast between SBMM Warzone and WZ Stats?

SBMM Warzone’s space name has been changed to WZ detail, as recently expressed. This is a site that permits you to keep tabs on your development in COD: Warzone, contrast it with your companions, and contend on our everyday competitor list. WZ Stats additionally offers an incredible rundown of all the weaponry in Warzone that has been positioned and separated into levels.

Here is a bit by bit guidance for getting into WZ Stats and checking your and your companions’ details:

  • 1. Look for WZ Stats or open WZ Stats by clicking here.
  • 2. Click the Search Profile button in the wake of entering your username.
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  • 3. On the off chance that you haven’t previously done as such, make a record with the entirety of your data and afterward look for your profile.
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  • 4. Presently, essentially follow the means to accumulate all of the data you expect about yourself and your companions and start the match immediately!
  • 5. From the top flat menu, you can likewise get to the Leadership board and the rundown of Top Players.

Options in contrast to SBMM Warzone

There are various different free sites on the web that can help you in computing information and finding the ideal match-production. Here is a rundown of some more SBMM Warzone locales you can use rather than WZ Stat. Browse the choices beneath to play COD: Warzone with your companions.

COD Stats

Tracker. GG

This article will show you all that there is to be aware of SBMM Warzone and its other options. One more post on the most proficient method to fix “Dev Error 6068” in CoD: Warzone can be seen as here.


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