TikTok introduces new trends to its platform which keeps users engaged and on the platform for longer periods of time. TikTok encourages creators to promote those trends on its platform. Then it spreads across the platform, sometimes even other social media platforms such as wildfire. The same thing happened with TikTok’s video of the vabbing at the gym.

TikTok users are posting videos about vaping at the gym. It’s very edgy to experience or know such a thing, especially at the gym. His thing is not trending on TikTok because of the wrong reasons.

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Pilates Band Full Body Workout

Let’s now understand why this happens and how to fix it. Read our article below.

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Video of Vabbing at the Gym TikTok

Check Your Gyming Equipments RN

Combining the words vaginal fluid and dabbing creates the term vabbing. Vabbing is the act of spreading your vaginal fluid across your body, much like perfume. You are more attractive to other people because of it. Before starting a hard workout, you can use the vaginal secretion to dab on various areas such as behind your ear, neck and wrist. These are the areas where sex appeal is highest. This makes the equipment unusable for anyone else to use.

Vaping has become a popular trend in gyms. You have heard it correctly. After watching the vabbing videos, some people feel the need to avoid going to the gym.

Dangerous Challenge Alert!

Vabbing at The Gym via Twitter

Check Your Gyming Equipments RN

The Twitter feed is flooded with videos of Tiktok members vabbing. One woman said that the dirty and sweaty gym equipment is unhygienic and should not be used after someone has left it.

People who exercise should wash their equipment after use, according to some tweets. Monkeypox and COVID-19 are still on the horizon.

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Vabbing at the Gym TikTok video

Wrapping up

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vabbing at the Gym TikTok Video?

Vabbing is a technique used to apply fluids to the neck, wrist and behind the ears before you go gyming.

Is it important to vab at the gym?

TikTok is a big fan of this trend because it’s important to keep your hygiene when you work out or exercise.