It’s not surprising that hypothyroidism is linked to depression given that the illness can cause fatigue, weight gain, and mood swings. 

Anxiety, however, is another sign of hypothyroidism. In fact, a research published in June 2018 in JAMA Psychiatry revealed that autoimmune thyroid disease is linked to 29.8 percent of all anxiety disorders and that those with hypothyroidism are more than twice as likely as people without the illness to acquire anxiety disorders.

According to the American Thyroid Association (ATA), hypothyroidism develops when the cells in the thyroid gland are unable to produce enough thyroid hormone, which is essential to keep the body energetic and functioning normally. 

Differentiating the symptoms of hypothyroidism and anxiety can be challenging. 

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Anxiety: What Is It?

According to the American Psychiatric Association, anxiety is a common response to stress. It aids in maintaining focus for a limited time period, such as an interview or restraining a child from running into the street. 

Anxiety isn’t always harmful until it occurs too frequently or becomes habitual. Hypothyroidism has been linked to an increase in both anxiety and depression.

Why Does Hypothyroidism Bring on Anxiety?

Why do persons with hypothyroidism seem to be more anxious? Hypothyroidism is a physiologic condition, and it is thought that this fact alone might exacerbate anxiety. 

Anxiety is a common reaction to the hypothyroidism symptoms of lack of focus, memory loss, and inability to do routine tasks.

Anxiety can result from hypothyroidism if the condition isn’t properly treated. Although levothyroxine is widely used to treat hypothyroidism, taking too much of it can create anxiety and exacerbate anxiety-related symptoms such as a racing heart and shakiness. 

Hypothyroidism causes dry skin, susceptibility to cold, a raspy voice, and mood swings, all of which will remain if the condition is not addressed. Heart problems including a weak pulse or heart failure can develop from untreated hypothyroidism over time, which can increase anxiety.

Anxiety can make it more difficult to adhere to hypothyroidism treatment by increasing the likelihood that you will forget to take prescriptions, avoid medical visits, and stray from a healthy lifestyle.

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Treating and Managing Anxiety

The good news is that treatment options abound for both hypothyroidism and anxiety. Solomon cites the following as effective methods for coping with anxiety:

  • Using a Counselor
  • Doing frequent physical activity, especially aerobic activity.
  • Practicing yoga and other mind-body exercises
  • Mindfulness practices like meditation can help.
  • Taking prescription medicine for hypothyroidism and anxiety

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Treating hypothyroidism can totally relieve anxiety, albeit this is typically only the case when anxiety symptoms emerge rapidly as a result of low thyroid levels. 

Although treating hypothyroidism will help alleviate anxiety, in many situations the two conditions must be treated together.

Be careful to keep in close contact with your doctor if you suffer from both hypothyroidism and anxiety. 

Treatment initiation and thyroid hormone dose modification should be based on both laboratory tests and symptoms, ideally under the guidance of a compassionate and knowledgeable healthcare professional.

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