We’ll go through 15 of the top FreeNAS options in this article to assist you with picking the best one for your necessities. These devices for the capacity working framework are totally protected to utilize. Right now is an ideal opportunity to begin saving and sharing your stuff.

What is FreeNAS?

FreeNAS is an open-source Network-Attached Storage working framework in light of FreeBSD and the OpenZFS document framework. When in doubt, there are a plenty of FreeNAS choices available these days. The working framework can be introduced as a virtual framework on any equipment to trade information utilizing any record-based sharing principles, like AFP for macOS X clients, CIFS for Windows clients, and NFS for Unix-like systems. It’s likewise valuable for document replication, modules, and previews.

Huge organizations that have an incorporated data set to share and access data incline toward the arrangement. It empowers simple, productive, and plausible information sharing across various stages, including Apple, Linux, and Windows. Clients might share, secure, and reinforcement every one of their information utilizing ZFS. Framework records and capacity are put away on independent hard plates.

Notwithstanding, FreeNAS has defects too. Subsequently, you might require a FreeNAS choice that meets your necessities.

Look at the 15 Best FreeNAS Alternatives (Best Storage Operating System) in 2021:

1. TrueNAS

TrueNAS is a business contender to FreeNAS that offers ascribes like CIFS, NFS, SMB, and iSCSI for block capacity and depends on the FreeNAS framework. The glimmer stockpiling arrangement is a well known document and square framework with an easy to understand organization interface. It likewise brings down the expense of blaze execution and cross breed stockpiling, almost totally at the cost of plate stockpiling.

TrueNAS is the main open-source OS and the best stockpiling working framework in the business in light of the fact that to its imaginative particular plan. When joined with OpenZFS, TrueNAS gives a dependable information the executives administration for terabytes and petabytes of information. Download it now and try it out!

2. OpenMediaVault

OpenMediaVault is a free cutting edge NAS framework in view of Debian Linux that is broadly viewed as probably the best option in contrast to FreeNAS. NFS (v3/v4), DAAP, SSH, (S)FTP, SMB/CIFS media servers, RSync, BitTorrent clients, and more organizations are incorporated. OpenMediaVault is not difficult to set up, stable, and complete, and it requires no specialized information to utilize.

OpenMediaVault is the best record server for private ventures and enormous endeavors, with a simple to-utilize establishment highlight and multi-language similarity. Extra administrations can be added through modules and refreshed by means of Debian bundle the board thanks to its online organization and secluded plan. Here are some screen captures of the dashboard that will help you in pursuing your choice.

3. XigmaNAS

XigmaNAS, initially known as NAS4Free, is a free, open-source FreeNAS elective in view of FreeBSD that imparts various similitudes to the FreeNAS 7 series. XigmaNAS, similar to the previous, permits information to be shared and gotten to over a huge organization framework that upholds Unix-like, Windows, and Apple working frameworks.

One of its champion attributes is similarity with ZFS v28. CIFS/SMB, Active Directory Domain Controller, FTP, NFS, TFTP, AFP, RSYNC, Unison, iSCSI, HAST, CARP, Bridge, UPnP, and BitTorrent are among the conventions included. XigmaNAS is the best venture record server programming to download and use in 2021, with highlights like Software RAID (0,1,5), plate encryption, S.M.A.R.T/email reports, from there, the sky is the limit.


UnRAID is a basic, versatile, versatile, and measured FreeNAS elective that resists the requirements of a solitary structure. The product includes a novel segment framework for assets, information capacity, reinforcement, and insurance, as well as unlimited oversight over information and applications. There’s likewise reinforcement computerization, media transcoding, and a huge number of extra capacities.

The UnRAID NAS framework, UnRAID application server, and UnRAID Virtualization have are the three fundamental parts. UnRAID can deal with a sum of 38TB of RAM. Three hard plates can be utilized in the unregistered adaptation. Clients should buy an enlistment key to get to extra elements. UnRAID is one of the top undertaking record server programming in 2021, with highlights including circle advancement, dashboard shows, network control, and cluster activity.

5. Rockstor

In 2021, Rockstor is the best choice to FreeNAS as a free NAS the board framework. It’s a CentOS-based open-source program that might be introduced on any local area equipment with no exceptional framework necessities. The easy to use, electronic UI of the private cloud-based server arrangement gives a solid shelter to data, internet sharing, and preview the executives.

NIS, AD, and LDAP are additionally among Rockstor’s registry administrations. It offers the best elements at a modest cost, including on the web plate and pool organization, Bitrot assurance, GUI Installer, API accessibility, and engineer programs, making it the best record server programming.

6. Acronis File Connect

Acronis File Connect, which joins Macs to Windows record servers and NAS by means of Apple Finding Protocol, is a famous option in contrast to FreeNAS for 2021. (AFP). It takes into account speedy record sharing, content pursuit, seeing and altering, document opening, perusing, and disconnected synchronization. The new adjusted Mac Client application utilizes AFP rather than SMB to manage document naming issues, content Spotlight look, and different worries.

Acronis File Connect likewise empowers you access your records from your iOS and Android gadgets. SMB Protocol bug distinguishing proof and correction, as well as the executives of similarity and execution concerns brought about by record defilement, are totally remembered for this NAS Software for Windows.

7. Barracuda Drive

Barracuda Drive is a FreeNAS elective that conveys the best of both individual and private distributed storage arrangements assuming you’re looking for an individual cloud server. Anybody can make and run their own hand crafted, no problem at all private cloud server that sudden spikes in demand for any normal working framework. Introduce any program or programming on the web Virtual Private Server (VPS) and access it from anyplace whenever.

The particular highlights of changing any processing gadget into a protected, strong, and online distributed storage framework make Barracuda Drive the best stockpiling working framework in 2021.

8. SnapRAID

SnapRAID, a top of the line FreeNAS elective perceived for its reinforcement and recuperation the board, is an extraordinary support apparatus that stores incomplete information and can reestablish information up to six disappointments. Different capacities incorporate information recuperation from accidentally lost plate records, information uprightness, quiet defilement aversion, and the capacity to multi-circle any size whenever.

SnapRAID is an astonishing record server framework for little undertakings that permits clients to oversee information successfully without compromising interior designs. We emphatically encourage SMB proprietors to utilize SnapRAID.

9. Amahi Home Server

Amahi Home Server is one of the most well known FreeNAS options. It is an easy to-utilize, open-source, Linux-based utility that empowers you store every one of your information in a focal PC from which it very well may be gotten to quick and safely over its VPN. Media sharing, plate pooling, reinforcement, document sharing, a single tick programs, circle checking, dynamic DNS, iCal coordination, and different capacities are accessible.

Amahi Home Server, then again, is the best record server programming for little endeavors and homes. It is viable with PCs, Macs, PS, BBoxes, and more stages. It is accessible for download at this moment.

10. FuguHub

FuguHub is an exceptional FreeNAS elective that guides in the making of an individual, secure, multi-client document capacity framework. You have the choice of building it on your gadget, in the cloud, or on a VPS server. Hence, utilizing its interestingly tended to properties, you might run your blog and different gatherings, as well as a record-keeping system, without paying any other individual.

It accompanies a unique DNS and a bunch of guidelines. FuguHub is likewise a reliable stage and the best record server programming, permitting clients to recover put away reports and design switches consequently. It runs well on all major working frameworks and virtual private servers.

11. PetaSAN

PetaSAN is an open-source FreeNAS elective in view of Ceph that is notable for its start to finish coordinated arrangement and scale-out SAN plan that conveys astounding flexibility and execution. Its most recent distributed storage innovation permits organizations to oversee huge measures of information in a solitary area; the product runs on the Linux working framework and incorporates countless hubs that are associated in an intelligent way. Due to its self-mending and self-adjusting abilities, the item is one of the best venture record server programming in 2021.

12. Openfiler

Openfiler is an open-source capacity the executives framework created by Xinit Systems that fills in as the best FreeNAS substitution in 2021. It has gotten acclaim for its remarkable associated stockpiling and obstructed based capacity region organization. Accounts the board, block-based virtualization, industry-standard convention, asset allotment framework, and different highlights are accessible through Openfiler.

You can likewise tweak and send the product to meet your particular necessities.

It is the best stockpiling working framework as a result of its simple elements, for example, another electronic administration framework and without cost capacity limit augmentation. Openfiler requires at least 10GB of hard circle space, 256MB of RAM, and a 500 MHz processor.

13. ZFSguru

ZFSguru is the best decision assuming you really want to deal with a lot of information. It is a capacity the board framework and a genuine option in contrast to FreeNAS. Its easy to understand interface permits clients to move openly and gives straightforward arrangement and establishment.

Moreover, as far as the electronic stockpiling framework, add-on bundles, and other high level putting away encounters, ZFSguru beats any ordinary NAS. The best stockpiling working framework in the business is ZFSguru, an adaptable waiter.

14. FlexRAID (Support Inactive)

FlexRAID, an organization stockpiling the board framework, is one of the most mind-blowing FreeNAS options in light of its effectiveness in a solitary brought together information stockpiling the executives, arrangement, information insurance, and recuperation highlight known as RAID. Other charming capacities incorporate checking your drive and alarming you by means of SMS or email assuming malware is distinguished. It is one of the top record servers for both little and enormous endeavors.

15. Ceph

Ceph is a brilliant FreeNAS elective that gives information security to IT associations. Ceph is a brought together capacity the board framework in light of Linux and FreeBSD. The open-source program utilizes a solitary circulated bunch to store information, rebalancing it into gatherings to give superior execution usefulness and constancy.

It has a three-in-one point of interaction for article, square, and document level capacity. The Ceph stage, which is based on the Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store, gives application designers all of their article stockpiling needs in a single spot, making it the best endeavor record server programming. Its article stockpiling likewise works with Amazon’s S3 RESTful API.

Last Words

FreeNAS is an awesome open-source arrangement. Nonetheless, every one of the 15 options in contrast to FreeNAS depicted above has its own arrangement of advantages for record capacity and sharing.

Some are proper for minuscule workplaces, while others are fitting for large companies.

On the off chance that you intend to foster your business later on, you ought to think about OpenMediaVault, a FreeNAS choice with refined abilities for a wide range of organizations. You might pick the best NAS programming for your Windows PC in view of your favored system, measured plan, intelligent UI, and information limit.