It’s no doubt if you’re a fan of my website you will know we all like Quizzes. So while researching for a few of these puzzles I recognized that so many people are searching for JoinMy Quiz .com but nobody appears to locate it.

And So I considered to further consider this trouble and evaluate which is join my quiz and the way to think it is.

What’s JoinMy Quiz .com?

Join my quiz would be a platform that individuals accustomed to create puzzles are share them among their buddies, students, colleagues, etc. This can be a much the same platform to Kahoot.

In past (Like two, 3 years back) I additionally accustomed to create multiple quizzes by using this website and share all of them with my fans on the web. In those days you just need to produce a new profile simply by entering your email and private details. Next, you can begin creating trivia and share it around the globe while using secret code.


What went down to joinmyquiz? doesn’t exist any longer. If you want to the web site it’ll redirect you to definitely Therefore we can think that either quizizz bought join my quiz or JMQ altered their website to quizizz.

However, this latest website can also be much like JMQ. You may create a brand new account and make quizzes online.

To help provide you with a concept, Quizizz was created by a couple named Deepak Pleasure Cheenath, Ankit Gupta. They have reached Bengaluru, India. Based on Wikipedia, they began this site in 2015.

They can come with an android application known as ” Quizizz: Play to learn”

By using this application Learn anything, anywhere. One can learn individually or take part in group quizzes, assignments, and presentations in-person an internet-based. Greater than 20 million individuals use Quizizz each month in schools, homes, and firms all around the globe.