People are often under the notion of false ceilings coming into existence only in the recent decades, but in reality, they have been in use since the 14th century. Isn’t that surprising? What started as prop installations in theatres have expanded into homes and other spaces for aesthetic visuals. There is no doubt that the first impression is the last impression, and with intricately designed false ceilings as one of your interior decoration ideas, your guests are certain to leave a positive impression. 

What Are False Ceilings? 

Unlike the ordinary flat ceilings that are found, false ceilings are like a second layer to the original layer. Generally crafted out of plaster-of-Paris (pop), wood, PVC, gypsum, etc., you might even know such ceilings by the names of drop ceilings, grid ceilings, pop designs or suspended ceilings. The recent rise of false ceilings in domestic and commercial spaces is because these inexpensive embellishments can be easily attached either with the help of anchor fasteners or suspension wires. 

You can attach false ceilings almost anywhere. But, of course, the design will vary for each space depending on the available area and overall outlook of the house. 

Types Of False Ceilings 

Everyone looks for the best ways to revamp their homes, and when it comes to this, designer ceilings tops the list. Although there are many false ceiling types, the best ones are mentioned below categorised on the basis of different materials. 

  1. Modern POP plus minus design

One of the most commonly used false ceiling materials is plaster-of-Paris (pop). Because of its inexpensiveness, easy application, and customisable designs, pop is greatly recommended. You can get a smoother finish on this type of false ceiling in comparison to others. To check latest, trendy pop plus minus design visit where you can find thousands of pop designs to choose from for your home, office, shop or any building. 

  1. Grid false ceiling

Grid false ceilings are generally seen in commercial workspaces. There are two types of grid ceiling materials- the mineral fiber grid ceiling and the metal grid ceiling, both which are known for its soundproof feature. 

  1. PVC false ceiling

PVC false ceilings are very common because of the low maintenance it has to offer. Greatly suitable to be easily installed in all types of climates, PVC false ceilings are waterproof, light weight, durable, and highly customisable.

  1. Gypsum false ceiling

Gypsum false ceilings are one of the most versatile false ceilings that you can get your hands on. They have good sound proofing capabilities, are fire and water resistant, and are lightweight. 

  1. Wooden false ceiling

Wooden false ceilings are desired for its strength and vintage look that it creates. Plywood is either glued or nailed together in creating the look you want, and because of the insulation they provide, wooden false ceilings are popular in cold places. 

Pop Design Ideas for The Bedroom

Whether you want your bedroom to have minimal or luxurious décor, false ceilings always does the job. If you have a small room, a simple pop design can add greater depth giving your room a comfortable look. Even with a fan in the middle of the room, you can have a hanging ceiling with cove lights around to give your ceiling more personality. Simultaneously, if you wish to be an adventurous decorator, then you give your room a unique look with different shapes such as circular, zig zag, etc., or pop colour combination with false ceilings. 

Pop Design Ideas for The Living Room

The living room is one of the most common spaces to have false ceilings installed. From having the option of keeping it simple to going all out, false ceilings look best here. You can have a coved LED light ceiling or conceal the joints between ceilings and walls to help create the perfect warm ambience in your home. Similarly, you can go for simple or unique geometric shapes to give your room a classy touch. 

Benefits Of Pop False Ceilings

  • Helpful in proper insulation and optimised functioning of an air conditioner.
  • Uniformity in light distribution throughout the room. 
  • Improves the overall aesthetics and visuals of the room.
  • Perfect for concealing any ceiling cracks and extra wires. 

Drawbacks Of Pop False Ceilings

  • Lowers the room’s space making one feel cramped. Therefore, the room’s height must be ideally over 12ft to install any type of false ceiling.
  • Installation can be only done by professionals and skilled labourers. 
  • Extra cost goes into the labour. 


There are countless decoration ideas that can be used to give your home a luxurious look, but using false ceilings is the best idea. With the variety of designs available, your choices will never run dry. 

  • Is the modern POP plus minus design expensive? 

Surprisingly, the modern POP plus minus design is not as expensive as people imagine it to be. The numerous benefits that come along with it makes it a great and affordable choice. 

  • Are false ceilings durable and hardy? 

Of course, in case of any calamity or heavy damage, false ceilings might need a bit more maintenance.

  • Can false ceilings be easily maintained? 

The good thing about false ceilings is that they need no special maintenance. Just how you would clean any flat ceiling, these too can be cleaned in the same manner. 

  • Are all types of false ceilings water and dustproof? 

Although all types of false ceilings are dustproof, not all are waterproof. Gypsum and PVC designs are best known for their water resistance. 


False ceilings are a great way to enlighten the look of any place. There are so many pop design ideas and pop colour combinations to offer. Thus, you can easily choose one that speaks for your personality and style. But, ensure that you seek professional advice before you make a decision. Also, do not try installing false ceilings on your own as they are a risky job, and need a lot of precision.